Chapter Fifteen: End of the Line

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They were going to kill him. Fives had finally reached the end of the line. He was going mad and the only place for mad clones was the fertilizer barge. There was nothing he could do about it. Fives was a defect and defects deserved to die.

All Fives knew was that he was in a cell. And he'd been caged in a cell on Kamino. Nightmarish images of Tup's final days started assaulting his mind and he whined, afraid of the madness inside of him. Fives had grown to maturity inside a sound proofed, white tube. He'd been spat out of a spawning pool. A naked cadet, just a child, alone in the world and scared. And the trainers knew that clones hated dark spaces, so willful cadets were locked up in dark closets until they obeyed.

It was preferred to being beaten, but not by much.

Fives sat on the metal bench, hunched over like the defeated convict he was. The clone was on the run from the GAR. He was still their property. The army owned him. It was branded on the inside of his arm, "Property of the GAR". He was considered a criminal, just for existing away from his owners. Damned if he did, damned if he didn't.

Maybe Fox had been right. Maybe no one cared and all you could do was follow orders.

He was a defect, just like Slick was. Like Dogma or Tup.  All of them had taken shots at the Jedi. And Fives would have been killing, too, if he hadn't been on a ship. That...made him the most disgusting thing that ever lived. The Jedi had given the clones purpose. And he had wanted to throw all of that purpose in the gutter. He was a defect, just like his old trainer had said. He was a traitor. A defect. He deserved to die and he definitely didn't deserve nice things.

Fives could have killed Drake. He had probably been having the baby, come to think about it, and that was when Fives lost his mind. He could have killed Drake. He could have injured the Zabrak or killed the baby. What sort of monster did that? What sort of sick monster killed a baby? Fives was hardly aware of it, but he was weeping. Fives had been taught honor, loyalty, courage, and obedience. So what was this strange emotion he felt when he was with Melia or Drake?

It would be such sweet agony when Melia destroyed him.

"Fives?" Melia stepped into the brig, her eyes a little nervous. She closed the door, locked it, and stopped in front of his cell. "Are you...better?"

He looked down. It was tearing his heart apart, knowing that she was going to be the one that killed him. Melia Skye, the first person to show him that he was a man. "Please...don't draw it out..."

"You sound better." Melia sat on the bench in front of the cell. Fives couldn't look at her. He knew that she would kill him. He was a clone and clones were worthless. "Can you think or do you still want to kill the Jedi?"

"I wanted to kill my purpose," Fives numbly said. He stayed where he was, the tears streaming from his face. "Please..just do it. Don't drag it out anymore..."

"What do you mean?" Melia finally asked. Fives wondered how much she truly knew about clones. The clone who went mad was the clone who deserved to die. He hoped that she rescoed him enough to just put a blaster bolt through his head.

"I'm going mad." Fives swallowed. " need to put me down."

Melia shook her head and released him from the cell. Fives looked at her like she had just grown three heads. Who would release him? He was defective. He was dangerous. He deserved to die. "No, Fives," Melia softly said. "I'm not going to kill my wingman. You've been with me, you know I don't do that. I'm not going to leave you. Not now. Not ever. Never."

"But I'm dangerous," Fives whispered. He shied away from her, though, because he was more than capable of killing a Jedi. He could kill the others, especially a newborn baby. "Could...could you please show me a picture of the baby?"

"I can show you something better." Melia took his arm and lead him through the ship. Fives walked with numbed legs, wondering if this was going to be the last thing he ever saw. Melia would be well within her rights to destroy a dangerous clone. He was worth less than a dog in the grand scheme of things. No one cared about a clone.

Why would you, when you were looking at mass produced copies of a man?

Melia knocked on a door. "Drake? Fives wants to see you and Jelani."

"You can come in," a tired voice answered. Melia opened the door and pulled him in afterwards. Inside, it looked almost exactly like Drake's old room, but with Drake lying in a bed rather than a chair. Or reading. Or doing anything but lying back. Fives spotted the little bundle at Drake's breast before he said anything. He looked up at Drake, surprised that it was so small. Drake gave him a tired smile.

Fives sat beside him. "Are you...scared of me?"

Drake shook his honey colored head. Melia took the baby and held it. "You're better now, right?"

"I think so," Fives replied. He peeked at the blankets, revealing a copper colored face. The baby was sleeping and Fives marveled at the smooth skin. It had no hair...or horns. "He's so...tiny? You looked huge!"

The Zabrak laughed a little. "I felt like a whale! But he's actually pretty big for a paternal pregnancy. His name is Jelani Skye. Godfather is Fives Skye...if you accept."

Fives nodded and held the boy like he was made of glass. The little boy was tiny and perfect. He kissed Drake on the cheek and rested on the bed. Drake gave him a rough purr before snuggling under the covers.

Melia kissed him on the cheek. "You can keep the name. You deserve one."

Fives felt like the world had flipped on it's axis.

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