33 - Grace

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Vultures, that's what they were. They were not wolves as they tackled the few females left. I felt pitty for the few who couldn't fight them but proud for the ones who easily made the males submit.

I could taste the waiting wolves just past the barrier of The Run, waiting to see the ones who resisted the mating and the ones who shamefully failed in claiming one. I was excited because in a few minutes I would win.

The sun had set hours ago and the blue moon hung above me, taunting me with time ticking by. I had to make it by the time the sun rose in the morning.

My paws thunder against the earth and I pushed faster, hearing Amelia and Caden do the same. I couldn't wait to shove my victory in the Alpha's face and take my spot as Beta away from my father.

[Grace!] Amelia linked me, yapping happily. I could see the veil of magic shimmering, the Moon Goddess letting this be her way of letting us out of the cage they call The Run. I howled excitedly, my companions doing the same and announcing our victory as wolves who liked like miniscule beings turn to see us.

[My father's there!] Again Amelia links me and I nodd my head, the wind flowing past our forms and through our fur. The blonde wolf, the gold wolf and finally me, the silver wolf. We would be a sight to see when we cross the line.

Cheers from my pack could be heard from this distance as my name was chanted by pack members, my chest puffing with pride. They also hated this event.

I was only a few yards from the border now.

My attention shifted to the left as twigs snapped, my wolf turning to growl as I skidded to a hault, Amelia running faster as my instincts take in and I wait, catching the wolf and charging, leaping and crashing into him before he could pounce on Amelia.

Our bodies tangle in a flurry of claws and fangs as fur was ripped from on another. I could tell Caden wanted to help as he slowed, but I directed him to Amelia as the wolf pushed me to the side and continued to chase after her.

Taking the hint, I watched as Caden's sped to the blonde wolf and picked her up by the scruff, pushing faster then ever to the border as I regained my footing and charged the male wolf, leaping into the air and gripping the scruff of his brown fur, rolling on the ground and being crushed by him but never faltering my grip. Screw the bet I had to protect my Alpha.

Gasps from the spectators watched as the male struggled, his teeth finding my paw and biting down, drawing blood and making me yelp, releasing the grip on him in the processe as he gets up and I follow suit, both of us circling each other, the pain forgotten with adrenaline.

He was an Alpha and my instinct wanted me to submit but the logical side of me told me to fight. Finally he moved and I waited as he jumped into the air before I ran, sliding under him and turning around quick enough to claw his side and soft underbelly, hearing the high pitch yelp as he fell to the ground in pain and I took this opportunity to run over to where he lay and sink my teeth into the tender spot of his neck deep enough to cause harm but not death.

I growled menacingly as he tried to move, sinking my teeth further and pawing at the open wound in his under belly, the whimpers of pain followed by his submission.

For a few seconds I waited before pulling pack with another growl, turning and continuing my way to the border with a limp, blood dripping from my paw.

"Grace you can do it!" Amelia shouted and I sent her a tired wolfish grin as I slowed down, the loss of blood making me dizzy.

A shadow covered my path and I growled, but I knew I was in no shape for one last fight. This male would claim me and I would have lost.

With a sigh I close my eyes, waiting to be claimed until a long tongue brushed the spot between my eyes and I open the saphire orbs in shock as I take in Caden, a grin on his face before he picks me up. Quickly I curl up into a ball as he takes off, running fast through the remaining forest as the crowd came closer and the barrier parted.

The Run was over for me and I sighed. I was unmated and I protected my friend.

With that though in mind I closed my eyes and let darkness take me.

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