Some days Later…



“There!” a mere shout of happiness delivered by hon’s OB-gyn.

Nandito ulet kami sa ospital ng private OB-gyn ni hon. Today is the 6th week for her second ultrasound. Ngayon araw din na’to, we’ll find out the sex of our child. But I’m very well sure it’s a he. Doc shouted after she resided the device atop hon’s stomach. First, doc  finds out wheter our child is a he or a she and after a minute, she smiled at me then at Saphire.

Nagkatingin kami ni hon, she smiled comfortably and at ease while I smiled with care and tenderness. I then kissed her forehead as my hand swept with hers and hold it tight.

“It’s a boy!” said doc with a smile on her face.

I looked at the monitor, and as I see him, I’ve felt like I’m relieved. I didn’t know I just found myself grinning with pride. I really am a Thron and a Beaurlington, I thought of.

After then, I displaced my look at my most beautiful love, she’s grinning with much gratitude and fulfillment. I leaned down and kissed her lips passionately.

“I told you, he really is  boy”, sabi ko na nakadampi ang pisngi ko sa forehead ni hon.

She chuckled, “I wonder when will you gonna be committing a mistake.” Alam kong nangangasar lang siya, after yesterday, pag-aari ko na si hon. Will, not totality or legally pag-aari I mean yung kasal na kami but, pag-aari na at mind, at heart and at soul, akin na akin lang siya.

After calling her dad yesterday, she finally agrees to move out and live with me. Everybody’s busy. One of her dad’s condition para pumayag ito na lumipat si hon sa bahay ko is, dapat kasama sila Mr. Guiller and the rest of her PSGs sa paglipat niya. Her dad didn’t know anything about the truth of me. Jims said when we had a little talk the day before the moving out of Saphire, that it would be best if for now, everything will just be a secret, especially with hon’s father. I didn’t have a clue why, but he promised that he’ll convince dad to tell me the truth but then I refused the said enlightenment, which is why, he said he will call and convince mom instead.

“Look at this beauty”, naputol ang moment namin ni hon when suddenly doc said something, napalingon kami  sa kanya, magkahawak kamay pa din kami. “By the looks of him, I can tell that he’ll be strong and healthy”, predicted doc.

Nagkatinginan ulet kami ni hon with pleasure and a great compliments on our faces. I smiled at her.

“Like father like son”, masaya kong sabi kaya naman napangiti na din si doc in agreement.

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