Chapter 2: John

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574th sol- 8:06

"I see 5!! Why?!" I told Rachel
"I thought I saw one back here by the flag and I need to be sure before I charge in!!" She replied.

That was all I heard from her before I had to get back to my squad. I turned my mic on so they could hear me and said "I think Rachel's moving in for the flag, we just need to hold on a little longer!!"

"What about Lily?!" Asked Seth.
"I don't know, let me radio her!" I replied.

"Lily!! How ya doing?!" I yelled into my mic.
"My leg I killing me but it's like there are 20 shooters!! I pretty sure I'm surrounded!!" She said.

That's when it got me..... The shooters weren't moving and I hadn't seen one yet. "Seth!" I yelled, "Have you seen an actual lion yet?"
"No!" He yelled back, "Just the bolts whizzing pay my head!" Seth said sounding a little irritated. "Why does it matter?!"

"I think the Lions set up sentry-guns!!" Then to everyone I said, "The shots are being fired by sentry-guns!! Push forward!!" Then a thought stick me, if they aren't here, where we they? It took me a second but then I realized, they must be back by the flag. And Rachel was there all alone!!

I started yelling into my mic, "Rachel!! It's a trap!!"
"What do you mea-" That's all I got before her voice turned to static...
I tried calling her, "Rachel?" Nothing. I tried again "Rachel?! Are you there?!" Still nothing...

I yelled to the rest of the squad, "Matt, Tom, Seth, I think Rachel's been hit or injured! We're going to move up!! Lily! We're coming up behind you, keep us posted on what you see!!"

Lily responded "You got it John, but you better hurry! It looks like a lot of fighting by the Lions flag!"

"Got it!" I said. "Everyone, there's no reason to go slow now that we know they're fakes so use you jetpacks and we'll get there as fast as possible!!"

"Let's go!" replied Tom.

We all got behind a big asteroid and pushed it in front of us using it like shield. As we went past each gun, Seth or Matt would gab it and strap it to the asteroid we were behind. Once we got up to where Lily was, we picked her up too. Since we had grabbed all the sentries, there were no bolts being shot at us so we were all looking towards the flag and it didn't look any good.

It was like Lily had said. There was lots of fighting and every now and then you would see a flash indicating that a charge (grenade) had gone off.

"That doesn't look good....." Remarked Seth.
"Here's the plan..."
"THERE SHE IS!!!!" Screamed Lily.

And sure enough, Rachel was coming full speed at us with six Lions on her tail!! I had to stop for a second thought because she looked amazing! In space there is no up and/or down but she looked like she was laying on her back and shooting back at the Lions. In just those few seconds, she took out one lion and threw three or four asteroids at the others!

"New plan!" I yelled, "Give her cover fire!! Seth, let's go grab her!!"

"I'm with you John!!" Seth yelled back.

We both swung out from behind the bolder. She hadn't seen us yet and I didn't want to distract her and get her shot so I radioed Seth and said "I'll grab her, you take care of the Lions, got it?!"

"Whatever you say as long as we win!" He replied.

At that point, Rachel was almost on top of us so I grabbed her shoulder. She spun around, fast, and was ready to shoot me when I grabbed the barrel of her gun. "Woah! Hey, same team!" Then to Seth, "Let's go Seth!"

"Don't do that when we're in the middle of a firefight!!!!" Rachel yelled! "I could have shot you!!!"

"Yell at me AFTER we win!! Now common!!" I screamed back.

"HEY! Lovebirds! If you plan on winning, you better get moving!!" Yelled Seth.

"We're NOT lovebird-" I tried to say.
"JUST MOVE!!!" Seth yelled back.

I put my arm around Rachel a started to pull her back towards the boulder we used as cover to get to her. "You shoot, I'll get us back to cover!"

"Shut up and go!!" She yelled back.
"Seth! It's time to go!!" I yelled. There were only three Lions left and that didn't surprise me since Seth and Rachel were such excellent shots but the Lions were still closing, and fast!

"Guys," I yelled into me com, "Can you push the boulder closer to us?!"
"We'll try!" Responded Lily.

I kept pulling Rachel away when suddenly, Seth got shot in his leg and cried out. "Ah!! I'm hit!!"

I let go of Rachel started to move towards Seth. "Hang on, I'm on my way Seth!"

"No! Rachel's got the flag! Keep moving, I'll be fine!" He replied. I hesitated but then he yelled "Get outta here!!"

"Fine, see you after we win!" I yelled back, then to Rachel, "Let's go, Seth will hold them off!"

"Ready whenever you are!!" She said. This time, we both went backwards and shot at the same time. She was a much better shot than me and since her rifle had run out of power, I gave her mine and was using both of our handguns.

My handguns had run out of power and Rachel's rifle was almost dead but we kept moving. I had started throwing rocks and mixing in my last few charges. I had just started swinging back behind the boulder when a blinding flash erupted behind my head.

I  turned around and saw Rachel's body floating towards me. I reached out and grabbed her arm. She looked pale. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning slightly. "Rachel! Can you hear me?! Get up!!" She didn't respond. She was out, but it looked much more serious, the was a big cut across her forehead and she seemed to be having trouble breathing.....

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