Chapter 22

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T H I R D    P E R S O N ' S    P O V

6 Years ago :

Juvia was hiding from her best friend Jack , who was trying to find her , because they were playing hide and seek . The ten year old blonde was hidden quite well into one of the trees because she climbed to one of the highest and thickest branches , which would sustain her and keep her hidden at the same time .

"Juvia , I know you're somewhere in there . Come out  , come out where ever you are ." The young teen Jack said while slowly approaching the tree . This time she hid very well not an obvious place , he rested his back against the tree but just as he was about to give up he heard a soft and angelic giggle coming from above one of the many branches .

He suddenly looked up to see tiny feet dangling from the highest branch . Jack being an excelent boy scout climbed the tree and scared the young girl by hugging her from behind . She then realized who was holding her and almost immedietly relaxed in his arms . The young teen chuckled at her cuteness . "Hehe found ya ." He said pulling her closer to him . The young blonde giggled . "Yes, you did . "

She suddenly turned back to face him with her big blue saphire eyes . He looked down to her and kissed her nose . "I love you Juvs . " Yes , even though they were small they fell in love since the day they met . But it isn't bad because you're never too young to fall in love . "I love you too Jack . " She said kissing his cheek . He surprised her by turning around and kissing her on the lips very softly and lovingly . It was an innocent kiss .

She kissed him back and then pulled away quickly . "Jack , I forgot to tell you something . " Hesitation and sadness was clear in her voice . He never liked it when she was sad it broke his heart , he was always this cold hearted person but everything changed the day he saw her . It was like heaven sent him an angel from above . Her long blonde locks that cascaded into perfect big wavy curls .

She was his image of perfection . But the best part was she changed him into a better person . To be precise Jack used to steal and bother younger kids . But that all changed when Juvia walked into his life . "So tell me princess , what is it you forgot to tell me ? " he asksed her holding her chin up for her to look up at him . " parents said we were gonna move into the city . My daddy got a new job and he says it'll get us more money . "

"Oh..." Was all Jack could say . He was rather shocked . "I don't wanna leave you Jack . I wanna stay here and play with you and marry you . " The young big blue eyed blonde said tearing up and rubbing her eyes . "No , no , Juvs don't cry . " He said in panic . Quite frankly Jack was never one to comfort other people , especially not girls . But he tried his best with Juvia seeming she looked so sad and after all she was the love of his life .

He hugged the girl , pulling her close to his chest trying his best to make her stop crying . She hugged back sniffling lightly and after a few minutes she calmed down . "I'm gonna miss you alot Jack ..." She said hugging him close . "Me too Juvs too ..." But suddenly an idea popped in his head . "But maybe we won't have to miss eachother . "  He said pulling away and looking at her .

"What do you mean ?" She asked him with her big curious blue eyes shinning . "What if we ran away ? We'll run away and live together , just you and me . We would never have to not see eachother again . " He told her holding both of her small hands into his growing large ones . She stood there quietly thinking and finally nodded her head yes smiling at him .

"Great . See , but you have to promise not to tell anyone . Promise ? " he asked her . She held out her pinky and he interlined it with hers . "Pinky promise ." she said and they both nodded . "When do you leave ?" he asked her . "Next month . " He nodded . "The night before you move we leave , meet me right here with a backpack with some clothes , snacks ,and your toothbrush . " He instructed her .

She nodded her head yes . "Okay . " She said . They both climbed off and walked their own seperate ways . Weeks passed and finally the night before she moved arrived . She had seen Jack earlier in the afternoon and the days before that . She was silently leaning against the tree where they usually climbed . Jack said he would handle the money since he worked plus the bonus of the stuff he earned from another side job .

She waited and waited for hours but he never showed up . By the time it was sunrise she gave up and went back home silently stepping inside not wanting to wake anyone up . Luckily everyone was still asleep . But her she was upset and heartbroken , he had promised her to be there and they'd leave together . But he never showed up . She wondered if he had forgotten or maybe something came up . But Jack wasn't the type of person to break promises .

As told Juvia moved from the small village they lived in and moved into the city . But even though she moved and they were hundreds of miles appart she still carried him in her heart . But with time she gained maturity and forgot about him . She matured , she grew and blossomed , she even dyed her hair completely blue . More important things came up like school , her carrier , what college did she want to go to . Everything changed .

And that's the Juvia that everyone knows now . The girl with a popular boyfriend and a succesful life ahead of her but nobody knows the pain she's been through . Or the things life has made her go through . Because they only see what's on the outside not the inside . That's why nobody knew about Jack because of her trauma . She didn't wanna remember him or the pain so she was slowly drifting herself into the path of a self inflicted amnesia .

Hey guys , this is just a filler chapter to explain why Jack is so important to her . But don't worry the next one will be on Jack  and why he's there . But i have a few conditions, from now on I'll only update if I get over 15 votes and up and 10 comments with a review on the chapter or at least what you guys think of it . Cuz I'm kinda getting tired of the usual just 'update please' i wanna know what you guys think and if i should spice things up a bit you know . As a writer and a human being it discourages us because we're making an effort to do these things to just get that . Please don't be mad . I love all my readers and supporters and that's why I'm doing this . Thank you all . Love you . Vote pls . Comments leave some I really wanna know what you guys think of the book so far . 💜💖

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