Craig x rejected/depressed reader ((EDITED))

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~ Warning swearing, and a big Warning for the depressed bit, this story contains self harm and no eating so if you don't like it, please don't read this story and bad spelling ~


~Your POV~

My life was not the best one, my parents tell me that I'm not good enough and I'll never be as good as my older siblings, I get slightly bullied at school but my main reason for depression is at home, I don't cut or starve myself that often. My depression is an on and off kind of thing.

I feel so guilty because I haven't told my best friend about all of this, he would freak out everyone. My best friend is Tweek, he knows about one thing crush and his other best friend Craig Tucker.

So today I have the confidence to confess my feelings, today is the day. I walked up to him and took a deep breathe, "h-hey Craig" I said shaking slightly

"hey (y/n)" he said still with a blank face.

"I have something to tell you" I whispered shyly

" okay?" He said confused

"all I want to say was... I like you more than a friend," I said looking down

" I'm sorry (y/n) but... I don't like you and me don't what to be friends anymore" I stared at him in shock and my vision became blurry.

"Y-yeah, it's fine......I'm going to go," I said backing away with tears already rolling down my face, I turned around and ran out of school.

I didn't know where I was going but I wasn't stopping, after a while I stopped and l dropped to the snowy floor and cried my eyes out. I open my eyes and look around and realized that I ran to sparks pond.

I got up and walked to the bench that faced the pond, I grabbed the sharpener razor for my back pocket and pulled up my sleeve, I took a deep breath and slid the razor across my wrist, enjoying the feeling of my blood dripping into the snow below me.

After a while, my arms, legs, and stomach were covered cuts. I look at myself in disgust but I let so much better, I slowly walked home it was nearly time to go to bed.


The next morning, I was sore everywhere but went to school. I arrived at school looking like shit but couldn't give a shit. As I walked down the hall, the once happy girl is now a depressed broken girl, while walking to my class. I walked past Craig with Bebe in his arms, I couldn't stand to see this anymore.

I ran home locking myself in my room.

~1 week later~

I haven't left my room in a week, my phone kept going off but I didn't touch my phone. I haven't eaten nor slept in days and I kept putting new tally lines on my skin, I walked to my mirror. I looked at myself, my skin was pale and very boney, I had a thigh gap and I had cheek bones. I wanted to be good enough for Craig.

I walked to my bathroom and grabbed the bottle of diet pills on the sink and downed 10 diet pills, I started to feel light headed so I grabbed my razor and sliced my skin open. I started to see black dots and I fell back while blacking out.

~3rd person POV~

(Y/n) was bleeding out from her arms, her mom came into the room to see her on the ground, she immediately called 911 and the ambulance was on their way. When the ambulance came, they put her on the stretcher and carried her outside, while getting her out of the front door. The school bus went past, all you classmates saw her in the condition, Craig was feeling very guilty and ran out of the bus to the ambulance.


Craig was at the hospital, waiting for (y/n) to wake up. She woke up and looked at Craig.

~Your POV~

I look at Craig, "(y/n) I'm so sorry that I caused this much pain on you and I love you... when you asked me out I wasn't ready for a relationship but Bebe forced our relationship "

"Craig, I still love you even though you caused so much pain," I said looking at my arms. He grabbed my arm gently and kissed all of my scars, I blushed at the action. "(Y/n), will you go out with me?" I nodded.

' Find love is free but finding the one you love is priceless' ~your author (Nightmare1009)

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