Author's Note: Okay, so here's another part to this naughty piece of kinky. I think this story is definitely my baby steps to coming out and writing the naughtiest I can, even though I still don't know if I'm okay with that, since I die of embarrassment with each word. But I am trying, so yeah. New characters will make their appearance. It will probably be the start of a thicker plot, since at first this was just going to be a naughty one-shot, then it was going to be a short story, and now it's whatever can happen with it, but I don't think it'll be more that twenty chapters, but the least would be ten chapters. I'm pitching for the twenty chapters, actually.

Slight Warning: There may or may not be a shower scene and a lot of blood and jealousy. ;)

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                                                             Torture Me.

                                                                Part Four.


Recap: Last on 'Torture Me'' Daniel lost his V-card to the oh-so mysterious guy Zayne, who claims they are mates. Everything seemed to heat up more, but it was soon interrupted by the entrance of one of Zayne's employee/friend walked in to say that some unexpected visitors where there. Hmm, what does that mean, and what's going to happen now, stay tuned to read more on this story!


        "Why out of all the - ugh," he spat furiously, as he mumbled more curse words under his breath, Dayna seemed to laugh quietly to herself at Zayne’s misfortune – which I should consider my luck and fortune. He gently lifted me up, even with the anger that he seemed to be displaying for being interrupted. He smiled sadly at me, as he got off the bed, and in a snap of his fingers he was dressed in a suit, and looking shiny and new as if nothing R rated had just happened a while ago. 

        I groaned mentally, feeling my body still stuck on overdrive, but slowly relaxing and cooling off. He looked up at...Dayna, I assume is her name, and edged her to come closer, as she did so, he pointed to me.

        "I want you to take him up to my bedroom, and get him some clean clothes so he can take a shower and change. If he's hungry give him something to eat, remember he's human and he needs to eat...and don't you dare do anything to harm him, don’t let anyone harm him, and don’t lose him, you hear me? Keep him safe." He demanded in a voice of authority. Guess he's the one in charge here.

        She smiled scowling ever so slightly, "Yes, master, I'll do as you wish," she ended as she vowed, taking a step back, and waiting by the door. If only I had clothes I would run like the wind, but now that I know they're vampires...I don't think I'd make it out of here, alive or unharmed if I tried to run, even though he hasn't given signs of wanting to hurt me, but still...

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