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The day we ask ourself this question and we are able to provide the right answer, that is the day a life of meaning and fulfilment begun.

While will someone engage in a shadow boxing? While did many people are so concern about someone who they never see and conclude he is responsible for their irresponsible and after all, they will tag him as an 'enemy'. Is because they have no goal set by them for themselves which they are after. So they have the time to notice someone who is 'hacking' into their live because they have not engage their time with something meaningful.

There is no power enough to stop a man of purpose, not even the government.

Imagine Jesus christ telling us that even 'thief' has purpose. He says they came not but to steal, kill and destroy. And immediately, He gave us his own purpose 'I have come that you might have life and have it to the fullest' JOHN 10:10

Have you ever asked yourself 'what is my purpose in this world'.

A man of purpose is always on GO! Another truth is this, A man of purpose never die. Though they may be cull-off from the earth, but the works of their hand lives forever.

I urge you today to live a life of purpose. Be the solution to someone else cries. Don't be be among the crowd, come out of it and stand out. The world needs you.

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