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"Good morning!" I greet Harry who is already sitting at his desk typing away on his computer. I admire his focus and realize I should probably be working on mine since in that department I was lacking. On that note, I do justify myself for the lack concentration, I was blaming Harry for his good looks and kind personality.

"Good morning!" Harry greeted as I sat down with my box of supplies in my lap. Since I forgot to set up my desk yesterday I thought I would do it today before I got into some actual real work. I had a meeting with the clients I was dealing with just before lunch today so I had a lot more work to catch up on that I hadn't anticipated.

"Busy morning?" I asked him seeing how he was intently concentrated on his screen. I begin to talk casual conversation as I pull out all my supplies and begin to place it on my desk and arranging everything the way I want it to be.

"My client's want to change their court date so I'm trying to pull as many strings as I can to get the date changed," Harry informed as a breeze brushed against my back causing me to turn and see my other desk buddy.

"You must be the new girl... Maddie was it?" A women about my age with medium length brown hair and brown eyes sat down on her desk next to me. Her face looked kind and I was extremely grateful I had nice co-workers. I was a little nervous at first because of the way these people dressed but it was nice to know the people I have met so far were nice people.

"Madeline." I correct shaking her hand with a smile.

"It's nice to meet you, Madeline, I am Nadine and can I just say I'm happy to have another girl over here to take my side in arguments." Nadine smiled as I chortled at her little comment regarding Harry, only assume since it was only Nadine, Harry, and I at the end of the row of desks.

"Is today your first day?" Nadine indulged taking a sip of her coffee she had put on her desk when she sat down to shake my hand.

"Second actually I kinda just forgot all my supplies yesterday. I was really nervous and left all my stuff at home." I explained now seeing she was probably talking about how I was setting up my desk.

"This place can be a little intimidating but I heard through the grapevine you were amazing! I'm sure you are going to fit right in." Nadine shrugged logging into her computer. Emptying my box of things I then began to get to work, logging into my computer and doing my best to navigate the new system.

"Hey, sorry to bug you but did you want to have lunch with Harry and me?" Nadine leaned back in her chair so that I could see her face again. She smiled and waited for my reply as I looked over at Harry.

"As long as Harry is cool with it I would love too!" I gushed trying to not sound too excited about the fact that I was getting invited to lunch with my new co-workers. I didn't have other friends outside of Talia so I was very excited to be invited out with a new group.

"Of course I am cool, plus sometimes Nadine get a little boring so it will be nice to have a new person join our squad." Harry leaned back in his chair to wink at Nadine who rolled her eyes at him and his smug expression.

"Do you see what I have to deal with on a daily basis?" Nadine points out gesturing towards Harry who is grinning with those perfectly shaped heart lips.

"Oh, you know you love me, Nadine! Don't try to hide it!" Harry continued with the same smug expression causing me to giggle at Nadine and Harry's teasing. Sitting back up in her chair she went back to work as I turned back to Harry and gave him a giggle before going back to my work.

"She loves me she just doesn't want to admit it," Harry whispers to me to which Nadine pipes in from her desk.

"I can hear you and no I don't love you!" She responded to which Harry again whispers to me.

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