Insecurities- Immaturities- Boys chap 1

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Chap 1

-Now, if we have a problem like -6y +11x=0, then what would our first move be- asked Mrs Perk in her crispy voice, to the class. But no body was listening to her old ass. No body really gave a fuck about math,english,chemistry, or any other school affiliated subject. It"s 3 days before spring break, I mean seriously, why would they still have teachers teaching. All the kids are clearly unfocused and anxious for these last few school days to end.

-Hey jayde-, i heard alex whisper from right beside me

Of course being as nosy as I am, I looked over to see if jayde,all the way on the other side of the classoom, heard alex.

She hadn't heard him so I tried to slyly turn my eyes back to his sexxii face to see how he would react. I hoped that he would give up .focus all of his attention on me. Grab my breast and stick his tounge down my throat. But dreams are dreams and reality is reality

He sent a quick look at Mrs Perk; still instructing on the elmo, and called jaydes name once more

This time she heard him and turned

She smiled noticing that it was alex

Stupid bitch, I hate her . She has the ability to make alex smile, and I don't

Wat does she have that I don't

Hmmm thats an easy and immediate answer- a clear pimple free face, long thick shiny hair, a beautiful eye color, slim, name brands, pretty peachy skin skin,and perfect teeth, I think that's it.

I turned my attention back to the front of the room, not wanting to watch them have their conversation. It only pained my heart further seeing them laugh and smile at eachother.

" why are you so obsessed with him, get over it. He wouldn't want you, and he never will. Just move on" One side of me  told myself

" oh I love him so much. why won't he just love me back?" The other side of me said

" uhh Hello he hardly,hardly knows you. All you have with him is 2 classes"

I then started to tune out my thoughts and pay more attention to the lesson. I really wasn't ready to face the truth.

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