John's POV

When AJ and I got to the arena, I gave her her bag and she snatched it away from me and left. I know what you're thinking: Why? Well, she's getting suspicious again. Let me catch you up on what happened after Raw. Well, I ended up spending the night at Nikki's hotel, again. I told AJ I wanted to spend the night with the boys, and miraculously, she bought it. I went to her hotel room, one thing lead to another, and I ended up having sex with her. Again. But this time, we used protection. And we went shopping after Smackdown. Some of the fans were getting suspicious as well. But luckily Nikki warded them off quickly. AJ decided to quit therapy. She said it was just absolutely dreadful. I told Nikki that she needed to go get tested, but she keeps avoiding the subject. She says she'll get tested when she feels like it. Whatever. I head to my dressing room. Nikki is sitting on the couch with some lingerie on. Damn she looks good... I set my bag down as she comes over and wraps her arms around my neck. We kissed and we headed to the couch. I softly laid her down and began kissing her neck. She helped me take off my shirt. I kissed down to her collarbone. I was about to unclasp her bra when there was a knock on the door. I jumped off Nikki and she ran into the bathroom. I made sure I looked okay then opened the door. Layla was sitting there impatiently.

"Hey, what's up Lay-" She held up her her hand and cut me off.

"Don't play with me. I know you and Nikki were in get about to have sex, in our place of work!" She stepped in and I closed the door.

"Yes John, I know you're having an affair with Nikki. But fortunately, your little mistress has been paying me to keep quiet. Now, I don't care what you do, as long as Nikki keeps paying me. But at work? Come on John. You can't be that desperate. And I know Nikki's in here. Come out Nikki." She said. Nikki slowly walked out of the bathroom with her lingerie still on. Layla folded her arms.

"Oh. So I was right. Nikki, where the hell is my money? You told me you would have my money Monday. It's Sunday. I want my money before I leave. This is the last day. Don't make me resort to physical, desperate measures Nikki." She said coldly. She walked out the door. Nikki grabbed her clothes, put them on, and hurried out the door. I shrugged my shoulders and got in the shower. I put in my yellow Never Give Up shirt, khakis, and shoes. I sat on the couch and watched the beginning of the rumble.

Diva's Championship Match


I got out of the shower. I decided that since my hair was already brunette-blonde, I should go, old school. I put on my plaid green gear with my wristbands and knee high black and white Converses. I curled my hair and skipped to the gorilla. Kaitlyn and Brie were talking. Brie was wiping her eyes. I bet it was Nikki.

"Hey guys. Brie, is everything okay?" Her eyes were red. She still looked okay though.

"Guys, I don't know if I can do this anymore."

"Do what Brie?" Kaitlyn asked. Brie began to tear up.

"This, I mean Nikki, God I-I don't know who she is anymore. S-She yells at me for no reason, when we lost on Raw this week, she lost it. I tried to apologize, but she didn't wanna hear it. Th-Then s-s-" Brie broke down and dropped to her knees and started crying hysterically. Kaitlyn and I looked at each other. We both knew what happened. Nikki told Brie she should've teamed with Maryse. Thankfully, Maryse isn't here. I don't know why Brie had taken Nikki's shit for this long. It's like ever since she got those plastic boobs, she's turned into a total monster. The only reason Brie has put up with it is because she loves the hell outta Nikki. They're identical twins, born 16 minutes apart. So I totally understand what Brie is going through right now. She's been staying with her fiancee Daniel Bryan. Brie went to the bathroom to fix herself up.

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