Thunder- Vikklan

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Vikk's P.O.V.

It was about 3am on a Tuesday nig- no morning and I had just woken up, ready to start a long day of recording and editing videos. It was just over a week before the Pack ski trip and I was preparing all the video beforehand, so I could relax while I was away. Lachlan had been staying with me and the Sidemen for a few days and we were getting the same flight out to meet the rest of the boys next week.

A thunder storm had rolled in while I was sleeping and every few minutes a flash would light up my room. Lachlan would probably be awake because he was kinda still on Australian time so after about half an hour of contemplating whether or not to get up I got out of bed and got dressed, quickly combing my hair before walking out into the hallway.

Lachlan's room was right next to mine and his door was open a bit so I quickly poked my head around the door to see if he was in there. I didn't want to admit my small crush on him but then again, who wouldn't crush on him.

He was, but what I was wasn't what I was expecting. He was curled up underneath the duvet cover with the curtains pulled closed. A clap of thunder made me jump a little but what surprised me the most was the small whimper I heard that came from Lachlan.

I tip-toed over to his bed and when another clap of thunder sounded and lightning lit up the room, my suspicions were confirmed.

There was a small cry of terror and when I moved even closer still I saw his body shaking ever so slightly.

I pulled the covers back a bit so I  could see his face, but when I did he jumped and pulled them back. I sat down on the bed and rubbed my hand up and down his back in comfort, and I could feel his body slowly relaxing but when another clap of thunder rumbled through the sky his body tensed up and we were back to where we started.

I pushed the covers back again and saw a flash of the top of his head before he attempted to bury himself again.

"Hey Lachy, it's just Vikk, it's okay." He shook his head and pulled the covers back over his head. I sighed and pulled the covers down to his shoulders, grabbing his hand, which was resting by his face.

"Lachy, it's just me, it's okay, it's okay." Thunder boomed again and I saw his face for the first time since I entered the room.

His eyes were red from crying and there were tear trails running down his cheeks. His hair was limp and an absolute mess but the thing I noticed the most was the complete terror in his eyes.

He didn't have a shirt on but I didn't care, I just pulled him closer to my chest. I lay down on the bed with him and pulled him into my chest, holding him as the storm rolled over.

Within about half an hour he was asleep and as I looked down at his sleeping form, I gently kissed his forehead.

"Sleep tight Lachy."

Lachlan's POV.

There was giggling above me and then the flash and click of a camera, then more giggling. There was a groan from beside me and I smiled to myself.

I was still nestled into Vikk's side and he was still lying on my bed with me. I hadn't expected him to stay but I was really glad he did because it gave me a lot of comfort through the night.

"Shut up you lot, this is the only time he's gotten an sleep all night!" There was more giggling as the people took another photo before someone knocked into something, making me jump. I groaned.

"Good going guys, you woke him up." I felt a hand in my hair but I groaned again and screwed up my face like I was waking up.

I opened my eyes to a bright room and I closed my eyes again and buried my head back in Vikk's side. His hand landed on my shoulder and I relaxed a bit before trying to open my eyes again.

This time I was met with Vikk's sweatshirt and I blinked, looking around the room, still slightly blinded by the bright light.

Simon, Ethan, and Josh were standing above me and I squinted up at them, still slightly confused at why they were pointing a camera at me.

Vikk stood up beside me and I jumped at the movement as he pushed the boys out of the room. He came back over to me and rubbed my back, running his hand through my hair.

"You feeling okay now?"

I nodded and rubbed my eyes again, still half asleep. Vikk's phone vibrated and I jumped, looking over to him as he picked it up.

It was a tweet from Simon saying 'saw this this morning, have fun Vikklan shippers' with an image attached.

It was of Vikk and I before we had woken up, my head was pushed into his chest and his arm was wrapped around my shoulder with the covers pulled over the both of us.

I looked up at Vikk, slightly scared but he was laughing.

"Well maybe that's how much it'll take for you to realise that I love you."


And I'll end it there. Have fun.

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