~Adam's POV~

After the cheering had died down there was a viscous scurry of feet, getting up to stretch tired legs and wake up sleeping children.

Mitch and Jerome linked hands and walked up to us, their smiles enthusiastic. "Couldn't ask anymore from you guys, you supported us, even when you didn't know. Making jokes even when we were already in a relationship," Jerome said, me and Ty blushed rembering our constant and persistant 'merome' jokes, "And even when 'Merome' became an item, you were there. We really do appreciate it and love you guys all the more." Jerome finished.

He can handle a speech, damn.

I held back even more happy tears, almost drained of them during the wedding. I pulled them in for a hug and Ty joined in, Sarah waited in the background, I could tell she was smiling. She mumbled something unidentifiable and continued to smile.

I let out a happy sigh and pulled back out. They led all 3 of us out into the hallway, past the large chruch doors, and down the stairs into a moderately-sized room. The room stood decorated with silver tables and glittering streamers hung from the ceiling, I could honestly say it was beautiful.

A buffet table stood beside the wall and the gifts that were once upstairs have been moved down here, waiting on a similar table at the end of the wall.

Mitch stepped up on a pedestal at the opposite side of the room, and dinked a glass with a spook he had, "I'd just like to thank you all for attending the wedding an dbeing supportive, now go out there and enjoy yourself!" Mitch exclaimed, jumping down. Jerome waited at the bottom for him and gave him a hug as he came down.

The crowd burst out in cheers and excitement, everyone danced and had a great time, around the middle it was time to open the wonderful wedding gifts.

Quentin, who was now with his girlfriend, Annie, Jason, and Ian had all attended. We haven't seen them in forever. We caught up on eachothers lives as the gifts were opened.

Most of it was classic stuff, I shouldn't even have to explain. Toasters, microwaves chine (don't ask what they were thinking)

But when it came time for our gift, everyone 'guessed' what it was, just a ordinary wedding photo, but boy, did they get a surprise.

I could sense the nostalgia running back to their memories as they looked at the photo. Mitch scruched up his face in delight, Jerome made a simple smile, be behind it was so much more. They hugged us as thank you and the party continued.

It went on for hours after, the population of the party slowly descending into nothing but us and the 2 grooms. We were left in silence when the music was turned off. They walked over to us as we chatted in a corner. We spun around to meet eyes.

"You guys have no idea how much that photo meant. We've lost all the photos of us as kids, even one brings back countless memories. Thanks." Mitch finished. We all smiled, we had no idea.

"Well, sorry to cut you off but it's getting late and we should be heading home now, it's late." I said, they nodded, "I understand." Jerome replied.

Ty headed towards the door and me and Sarah trailed behind. We quickly grabbed out coats on the way out.

We made our way through the blistering night cold and got into the car, I started the engine as everyone piled in.

We drove away from the towering building that joined so many, and finally got home. I got through the front door and the other two followed. Sarah, without question, went straight to bed, aswell as Ty.

I was left to relish in my thoughts on the couch.

"Why didn't they have any childhood pictures?"



I have nothing to write here, I'm drained.



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