The Gala

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Johnny's P.O.V

I woke up and I went into the kitchen to get some orange juice. I poured some into a glass and I sat down at the table to smoke. I saw Lance's bedroom door open and I knew that he was gone. Then I saw a book on the table that had my name on it. I looked grabbed it and it said, "Read me." I put my cigarette out and I flipped through the pages. There were full pages of hand writing that was in half of the journal. I flipped to the first page and started reading.

Christina's P.O.V Later

I opened my eyes and reached over to turn off my lava lamp. I yawned and rubbed my eyes a bit. Then I pulled the covers off of me and walked out of my room and down the hall to the bathroom. Afterwards, I went down to daddy's music room and opened the door to find Johnny in his day clothes and playing the guitar. I watched as his fingers slid across the fret board and his other hand gently strummed the strings on the body. Then I walked in and shut the door. Johnny looked up at me and stopped playing. I shook my head and he gave me a confused look. I sat down in the chair in front of him. I made a hand gesture of playing the guitar and he nodded. He started playing again and I smiled, imagining what it sounds like. Then he stopped and said, "I read your journal." I nodded and he said, "I wish I knew sooner. You know, that you're deaf." I sighed and he continued. "But you can understand what I'm saying right now, can you?" I nodded and saw the tattoo on his hand. I looked at it and made a fist out of my left hand to show him the tattoo of a heart on my index finger and a musical note on my second finger. He smiled and said, "That's so true. Love comes first. Music comes second." We both smiled and we later left the music room and went into the living room. We were watching Silence of the Lambs when I got a text from Courtney. I opened the message and it was an invitation to a gala that her dad was having. I sighed sadly at the words that were on the bottom: You MUST bring a date. I decided to give it a shot and send it to dad and ask h if I could go. I'd worry about the date later, I mean I still have two weeks! I looked over at Johnny and saw him laughing at the TV. I looked at the subtitles and it was at the lotion part. I started laughing, too, and it was really hard. I was laughing so hard I was crying. Then I stopped and looked at Johnny's facial expression only to see that he was shocked. Maybe it was an unattractive laugh, I thought to myself. We continued to watch the movie while I waited for a response.

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