Chapter Thirty-Seven - The Meeting

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Jacobi and I walked hand in hand to his father's office. A castle guard, who'd insisted that King Nathaniel see us immediately, had summoned us. I hadn't encountered the king since I'd been saved so I was curious to know what he wanted from me. Jacobi opened the door without knocking and chivalrously let me enter first. I frowned in confusion when I noticed that Maverick, Adrienne, Queen Elizabeth, Dr. Perkins, and my father were all seated on the couches near the bookshelf. King Nathaniel stood next to a coffee table, sipping on a white mug. As usual, his presence was the most intimidating.

My eyes fell on Adrienne and Maverick who were on the loveseat alone. They weren't talking or looking at each other, their focus had actually shifted to Jacobi and me like everyone else in the room. But I did notice that their hands were intertwined next to their thighs.

"Have a seat." King Nathaniel pointed to a pair of chairs that were faced away from the bookshelf at the back of the room. As we were late we clearly got the worst seats in the house. Dr. Perkins, Queen Elizabeth and my dad were on the larger couch across from Maverick and Adrienne leaving one armchair with the similar, red velvet upholstery, for the king to close the imperfect rectangle.

Jacobi and I took our seats and waited for the king to start talking. We didn't hold hands like Adrienne and Maverick but Jacobi sat with his legs spread, grazing his knee against my own. He looked so lax compared to everyone else, aside from the queen. But the queen would never sit like that, the thought nearly made me giggle.

"We have a few pressing issues to discuss this afternoon. For one, Dr. Perkins has some knowledge he'd like to share on Maverick Dover's condition. I would also like to hear about Alaska's kidnapping and discuss the next steps as I am aware she's been marked by one of the wolves we captured." The king walked around his chair and took a seat. "Let's get Maverick Dover's issues out of the way so that he and Adrienne may leave. The rest of our discussion does not concern them."

I noticed Maverick tense, clearly uncomfortable under the scrutiny of the king. Adrienne noticed too because she placed a hand on his leg and patted him comfortingly. Dr. Perkins spoke next, placing everyone's attention on his side of the room. "I've done some research and with the help of Mr. Granger," He glanced at my father as if we wouldn't know who he was, "I was able to confirm my suspicions. Maverick Dover is part benoire, which is what connects him to Alaska."

I frowned in confusion, trying to replay his words in my head again wondering if his accent had thrown me off. "He's a what?" I couldn't help but blurt out.

"Benoire." My father repeated, "They are creatures who have been placed on earth, similar to guardians, by dark spirits to balance the good and evil. Guardians are on earth to protect the world from harm and spread goodness but everything must have a destroyer, or else the universe would have no balance. That is why we have benoires. They have immortality and other gifts and supernatural abilities like guardians. Only, they are meant to bring more death, pain and suffering to the world."

Maverick's eyes were firmly glued on his legs; I noticed his cheeks had turned red as if he were embarrassed. The first thing that came to my mind was that Maverick was immortal too. I wasn't the only one! The next thought wasn't a thought so much as a feeling: fear. Would he try to destroy us?

"It is imperative that I state that Maverick is only part benoire. Half or possibly even a quarter. Like you Alaska, he does not have the full abilities of his kind. We have come to the conclusion that he too is immortal. He is also a werewolf, however, when full werewolves transform or feel primal urges from their wolf side, their eyes turn black. Maverick's eyes turn gold." Dr. Perkins elaborated, "He is an immortal werewolf."

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