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Chapter 4

I sat in the very back of the transfiguration room staring at the absurdly pink woman scribbling notes down on her clipboard.

I withheld the glare I wanted to throw at her, but I knew that it would only give her an excuse to make me write lines again.

I involuntary stared down at my now healed hand. It was no longer bloody and bruised... but you could see the white words etched into my skin, like some ugly and nonsensical tattoo.

The words on my skin made me glare up at Umbridge with hate. It had been 3 weeks since my detention, and she handed detentions out like candy to everyone...she was eager to punish us. Like Harry, he was given another week worth of detentions because he started blabbing about my father again in class. He has no filter now... his anger makes him lose an absurd amount of control.

I looked over at Harry who was slouched in his chair and not even bothering to hide his glare from Professor Umbridge. Ever since she started passing these obnoxious rules for Hogwarts, Harry has been flambouyantly against Umbridge. All Umbridge is doing is trying to control Hogwarts completely.

Umbridge was quickly named Hogwarts high Inquisitor... whatever that means....but it must be important because she has been making decrees about everything. I hated her with a burning passion.

Since Umbridge was high inquisitor... she was able to supervise classes and to see if the teachers '' reach ministry standard.''

" I can't wait to see what McGonagall does to Umbridge...no doubt she'll make her look like the toad she is." Ron chuckled from beside me as McGonagall walked into the classroom briskly.

" That will do." McGonagall said to the chattering students. Silence fell immediately.

" Miss Brown... please take this box of mice..... don't be silly girl, they won't hurt you... and hand one to each student... Miss Wilson, come and hand out yesterday's homework." McGonagall said completely ignoring the fact that the toad was in the classroom.

I walked up to McGonagall smirking at the baffled face of Umbridge. Clearly she wasn't used to being ignored.

I took the papers and started handing them out. I came to Parkinson's paper and put it on her desk with overexaggerated niceness. She glared at me as I went over to Draco's desk to give him his paper. I gave him his and watched him as he gave me a secret wink. I chuckled and went to give the last paper to Harry. I walked to Harry's desk and looked at him. He avoided my gaze and looked at the wall like I wasn't there. I sighed and set his paper calmly on his desk and went back to my desk to sit down.

Lavender came to me last and held out the box of mice, so I could grab one. The little albino mice were cute in their own way... they were tiny and harmless. I picked one up by it's tail and let it walk over my hands. I smiled to myself.

" Hem, hem."coughed Umbridge.

I looked up at Umbridge as she stared expectantly at McGonagall.

Professor McGonagall ignored her and began to speak " Right then, everyone, listen closely... Dean Thomas, if you do that to your mouse again I shall put you in detention.... most of you have now successfully vanished your snails and even those who were left with a certain amount of shell have the gist of the spell. Today we shall be..."

" Hem, Hem." Umbridge coughed again.

" Yes??" Mcgonagall said turning around and sounding impatient.

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