"Who threatened you?" I asked, placing my purse on the counter while crossing my arms.

"Some big ol' dude that look like he on steroids," Johnathon answered with his face scrunched up. "He just lucky he had protection bruh."

"Jerrold threatened you King?"

"Yes!" Katrina eyes blazed with anger, as she balled her fists. "This time they've gone way too far, threatening my baby brother with a gun, now I really want to catch a case!"

I stared at my baby brother who didn't even look shaken up but I still hated that he went through that, especially when none of it was his fault. He was seventeen, shouldn't be going through any of this. I blamed myself for not thinking of filing the restraining order before any of this happened.

"Bruh, I wish he came whenever I was here.." Kobe's expression hardened. "I'd really show him how to act up, without a gun. He weak as hell for that mess, especially on little bro."

Kobe was known for being super goofy, and silly as long I've known in the past few months I've known him but it still surprised me to see him so angry and upset but it was all for a reason.

"I blame myself," I confessed, as I tried fighting back the tears in my eyes. "It's my fault for not filing it sooner.. I'm so sorry that I allowed that to happen King, I don't know what I'll do if anything ever happened to any of y'all."

"None of this is your fault Kimberley," Katrina held me. "It's all of their fault for letting all of this happen from the threats in the text messages, allowing the interview to be out without you signing paperwork and now them trespassing.."

I truly wished that I've never worked with Jerrold and friends, after finding out the things they actually do to people who choose to leave them alone. Threatening and trespassing was extremely scary and filing a report on him was the best thing to do because I was truly afraid of what he was capable of.

"I never wanted things to end this way but I'm ready to take this to court." I hugged my brother tightly. "I think we honestly need to file a order of protection."

"Well then let's go to court." Katrina said. "Although I really wish I could retaliate with violence but that wouldn't be any better.."

"You okay?" I questioned my baby brother. "I'm sorry that this happened to you."

"I'm good," He admitted. "I would've beat him up if he didn't pull out a gun on me."

"I'm just glad that you're okay." I faked a smile, although on the inside I was shaking. "We're going to handle it."

We all jumped into Katrina's BMV as Kobe decided to drive us to the district court with Katrina being in the passenger's seat.

I just felt distraught about the entire situation.

The moment that we got to the district court, I prepared myself to fill out the petition for an order of protection.

I left out of the district court, after filling out the forms for the order of protection and had to wait for a hearing date.

The drive back to the house wasn't too bad, as the music blared from the speakers in the car and there was small talks about our business plans. Once we arrived to the house, I ran upstairs to get myself back to work on the sketches that I already had.

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