chapter 1.

Hi dudes, girls, guys, whatever. So, this is my first fan fiction. Kind of .This time, it's pure fan fiction. No vampires. I know. It sucks. But I'm  looking forward to this one.. I can feel it's gonna be special. So enjoy, and correct any mistakes I make. And Abby, that does NOT include spelling mistakes.

By the way, this is set during The Black Parade, and the guys aren't married, and they.. uh.. haven't come clean and sober yet.

Thank you.

I bobbed my head above the sofa in front of me again, too see if anyone was coming, for like the 5th time in 5 minutes. I should not have done this, I should NOT have done this!  I thought, as I took a hurried, but quiet breath, because being discovered was not particularly high on my priority list.

I shifted a bit in my crouching position, to find that something had wedged itself uncomfortably up my bum. And in ridiculously tight skinny jeans, it's not fun. At all. That is a fact.

I pushed my hand into my jeans pocket and checked my phone for the time. 11:00. Great. So I was up at eleven, in a bus that I should not be on. I was about to get up, and sneak back to the concert, which was probably nearly over, when I heard voices outside the bus.

I covered my mouth with my gloved hand, and switched off my phone, in case my mum rang me asking where I was at eleven at night. Without telling anyone. It's complicated.

So there were noises .And the sound of mens voices, cheering randomly, and apparently, hi-fiving. The bus door slid open, and I braced myself for being discovered. It nearly always happened fast. But the discovery didn't come. I heard one of  them say,

"Well guys, I'm going to bed!" And he yawned. "See you in the morning."

A chorus of agreement followed, then the sound of feet walking away. Great, if I could just get away now.. But my mood had to end. The bus started to move, but I stayed where I was.Stupid girl.  I heard a couple of sarcastic screams from down the other end of the bus, and someone say,

"Guys, I think I left my phone in the living area, be back in a sec.."

And I heard footsteps coming towards me. I shivered, and clutched my knees in front of me, hugging them even closer to my chest. Iheld my breath as the person sat on the couch in front of me, hoping to the lord that they would go away..

But they didn't. The next thing I knew, Frank Iero's face was right in front of mine, clearly puzzled at finding a random person in their van.

Now, if I had been at home, with my mates, I would have screamed, and hugged the disembodied head in front of me. But I wasn't at home. And none of my mates were here. I was all alone. So I burst into tears. Frank startled, and put his finger over my lips, and whispered quietly,

"No, don't cry! You'll wake Bob! He's a seriously light sleeper!"

I nodded through my tears, and Frank helped me to my feet.

He lookee behind me, and saw a small phone lying onthe floor. So that was what I was sat on.. He picked it up, and shoved in his jeans pocket. He was about to walk back to bed, when he must have realised that I was still there, so he whipped around, and took my hands in his.

"Sorry, but what is your name sugar?"


"And Kathy, why the hell are you on the my chem tour bus?"

I shrugged, and replied, wiping my nose on my sleeve,

"I was curious"

"And where do you live? By your accent, I'm guessing you're english?"


"Then tell me Kathy, what on earth are you doing at eleven at night on new york? I'm guessing it's not a holiday?"

"I ran away"

He put his hand on my shoulder in comfort.

"Running away does no good. I've done it so many times, it's hard to count! Why dont we take you back home. Your family will probably be missing you"

I shook my head.

"Not likely."

"Let's just get you home. You can have my bed tonight, but I don't know how the hell I'm goin to tell the guys..."

He trailed off, and ushered me into their little sleeping room, filled with bunk bed, one foreach memeber of the band. I got into the one Frank said to, and I fell asleep, my face lined with tears.

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