Chapter 16

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Tsuna's P. O. V

'HOLY SON OF GOD!  I'M DYING BWAHAHAHAHA!  ' Tsuna thought as he watched his younger twin get beaten up.  He was enjoying the view until he heard the knock from their door,  he got up and answered it and saw Yamamoto and Hayato bickering well..  Only Hayato..

Tsuna once again remember his old times in his real world he let out a sad smile as he approach them both,  "ohayo Takeshi...  Hayato" Tsuna greeted them and they greeted him back,  "yo!  Tsuna! " Yamamoto said still smiling as always " oi!  Baseball freak!  Don't call juudaime's holy name! ― Ohayo!  Juudaime! " Hayato scolded Takeshi and then greeted Tsuna.  He only let out a small chuckle the way his friends act,  'still the same as always'  he thought.

He checked the time on his wristwatch and it's already 6:49 "uwaah!  We're going to be late guys!  Be right back!  Gotta get my love of my sexy life! " he yelled and went inside , Yamamoto and Gokudera only sweatdrop.
"Darling!  Hurry up!  We're going to be made and you don't want to see a bunch of useless brats to disobey the rule of our school right? " he said in a warning tone

So Hibari got up and grab his jacket and drag his lover towards the door leaving his two friends to catch up with them. They ran and ran until Tsuna couldn't handle it anymore so that's when Hibari carry Tsuna and ran with all his might without barking any sweat "oy!  You aloof bird!  Return Juudaime to us! " Gokudera yelled in rage.

Within a minute they finally reach the school ground,  "uwaah~ that was scary darling I almost fall" Tsuna complained pouting at Hibari. His lover unexpectedly kissed him and left leaving a tomato Tuna-chan.. His two friends saw that and their his tomato faced.

"A-ahahaha...  Well..  That was amusing so..  Let's...  Go? " Yamamoto ask awkwardly to them so they only nod. 'So..  He wants to play games huh?  I'll show him..  Hehehehe' a certain brunette thought while chuckling darkly. When they finally arrived to their classroom and all of the girls starts to each other talking about the trio especially Tsuna,

"Gokudera -sama is so cool! "
"Yamamoto-kun is awesome as always! "
"Hey..  Is it just me or Tsuna is so freaking sexy when his not wearing our school uniform"
" I know right!  "

The trio only sweatdrop cuz they can perfectly hear on what they're talking about..  Tsuna smirk internally and went near the girl who said that he's sexy,  once he's already in front of her he hold her chin and closing their gap on each other until they are already a few inches apart " hey baby,  thanks for saying that I'm sexy as fuck " he whispered seductively towards the girl and all the male had they jaw dropped and all the girls starts blushing and some of them even passed out.

"Is that even dame-tsuna? "
"Damn..  I think I got hard"
"Shit.. "

And that's when the teacher finally comes in and saw all of his students blushing as fuck..  'Why do I have to teach a bunch if weirdos ' he thought sighing.


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