Does he love me? Or does he not? It's the same question I've asked myself over and over again over the past two years. You see, once I started high school, I began to find myself enthralled with the idea of love. The idea that someone could be your everything. I had this fairytale all written up in my head that there was going to be that one person that would put a smile on my face every day; that one person who I would sit outside in my backyard with and count the stars in the sky. It seems all perfect and unreal in my head and but in reality it's just a dream that I've never dreamt.  With the number of crushes I've had throughout high school that never even payed me much attention, you'd think it would be getting me down that I've never had a boyfriend and I just turned seventeen years old, but I try to be patient with life. I tell myself everyday that some miracle is going to happen and someone will notice me. It hasn't exactly worked out yet, but I'm still hopeful.  My friend Nicole tells me it's a blessing; she says that boys are too stressful. This comes from the girl who after a break-up, will be dating someone else in the next week. Regardless, I see the couples holding hands in the hall at school, happy as ever and It makes me want be that girl. Maybe that won't happy until I'm thirty, but a person can dream can't they? I live in Manhatten, New York in a two-bedroom apartment with my mom. My dad moved out a year ago after he left my mother and cheated on her. He lives about fifteen minutes away from us and I dread every other weekend when I have to see him. I hated him for leaving my mother like that and It almost made me give up on guys completely. I knew I could never do that, however, since I was always dreaming of a fairytale endings, like the ones you see in the movies. Maybe that's not a sensible reality, since a lot of guys are complete morons and don't care at all about a girl's feelings. I don't want to give myself any false hope, but maybe one day when I pick up a daisy and start plucking off it's petals, that at the end, I will know in my heart that he most certainly loves me and no one else. 

     "Katharine! Wake up! You're going to be late for school!" I heard my mother's voice in front of me but I continued to ignore it and wish myself back asleep. It was only when she started poking me and I remembered I had a chemistry test today that I got up lazily from my bed. My mother, Dianna, walked over to my curtains and pushed them open and I shielded my eyes from the bright sunlight, still wishing it was dark. "Mom, why did you do that?" I complained. "Honey, you have thirty minutes to get ready and I know how long you spend on your clothes." I sighed knowing she was right. "Fine, I'll try to hurry." "Good" she replied and walked out of my room and through the hallway. I walked over to my closet and opened it, staring at the rows of clothes I owned. Some designer, some not. After about ten minutes of deliberating, I decided on a denim mini skirt, a floral blouse and cute ballet flats. Fashion was a big deal to me because I felt my clothes expressed my personality: quiet and conservative, but a package of outgoing and friendly waiting to be opened. I walked out of my room and through the hallway into the living room where my mom had just turned off the television. "You ready?" "Yeah" I replied with my traditional one word responses when I didn't feel like putting more enthusiam into a conversation. Twenty minutes later, I was saying goodbye to my mom and walking into Boardwalk High School. I passed a group of football players in the hall who were laughing at some stupid joke most likely and a bunch of cheerleaders huddled together probably spreading gossip. I let out a sigh of relief once I passed the popular kids and came up to my group of friends waiting by my locker. "Hey guys!" I smiled cheerfully at them. "Hey!" they all chimed in at different times. "Hey, so did you study for that chemistry test today in Mrs.Walkman's class?" Shon asked me. I smiled a little guiltily. "Kind of, I just had a lot on my mind I couldn't concentrate." "Why, what happened?" I smiled to myself. Shon was the kind of guy who,  yes was a straight A student and called a nerd by the football guys almost every week, was really caring and actually wanted to know what you were saying. Unlike most guys, who I've found just pretend to listen to my enthusiatic stories. "I just have to see my dad this weekend and I'm not looking foward to it, that's all." I sighed. "You'll be fine, you always are." My best friend Emma reasured me. I met her only a year ago but we had bonded so fast I felt like I'd known her my whole life. Nicole grabbed her binder from her locker which was right beside mine just as the bell rang. "Well good luck" she said to me as she walked the other way towards her first period class. Shon, Emma and I all had first period chemistry together luckily as I was nervous enough about this stupid test that determined over half of my average which was a borderline "B" right now. Not high enough for my standards at all, as always shot for straight A's, like Shon. Unlike him however, I didn't always get them. Five minutes later, we were seated inside the classroom as Mrs.Walkman began passing out our test papers. I began to search my backpack for a spare pencil when I heard the classroom door open. I looked up as one of the football players walked in the room. My eyes widened, he was so incredibly handsome it was hard not to stare. Even though, deep inside, I knew he was probably someone that cared only about popularity and nothing else. He said something to Mrs.Walkman and I strained to hear, but failed until she turned around. "Class, we have a new student. This is Adam, his schedule got switched last minute, so we'll just have to give him a warm welcome." She motioned him to sit in the desk across from me and I glanced over, despite trying not to, at him. He had light brown hair that was slicked back and bright green eyes. He glanced over at me and I realized I was staring. I quickly looked away and  focused my attention back to my test. But when our eyes met just a second ago, I felt that kind of feeling that I always feel when I develop a crush on a guy. Oh this was just perfect, someone else that was going to occupy my mind more than just often. I shook my head and forced myself to focus on chemistry equations. After all, this test grade was more important than daydreaming about some guy I'd only just laid eyes on. 

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