Chapter 1

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There the woman stands, right in front of him ever since the bandits disappeared right in front of them by a black mist. She stays still as her surroundings were a mystery to him, but to her, she was shocked by this result.

"Huh...I thought that you would be dead by my magic... But you were not infected with my magic... How strong are you?"

"I had no idea tho, but your magic didn't affect me either..."

"Are you a mage?"

"No not really tho miss, I'm just a normal human."

"Oh... alright then."

Leon looked at the girl with the umbrella under the rain, she decided to get him up and looked at his eyes. They didn't know that it was fate for them to meet each other, even in his other dreams he was destined to meet a girl under the big umbrella by a near-death experience. And now the way he looked at her, it was something new to each other.

She even knows that odd dream of the word 'déjà vu' that it was a future glance for a short period of time, but it will never tell you where, when, or how. "C-can I have your name please?" She said as Leon looked at her even more, "I-I'm Leon, it's nice to meet you. And thank you for the rescue." He said and got up from the ground as she giggled at his naïve self.

"Nice to meet you, Leon Snowden, I'm Charibel and you're welcome about that. But the curious part is that where are you going?" She asked as he smiled at her, "To visit the sewing shop, I had to buy an outfit for my young friend Rosae and Cody." He said as Charibel gave out a smile, 'Cody huh, it's so nostalgic...' it made her giggle as it made him blush by staring at her, "Okay then, follow me there was a package for Rosae and for Cody as well."

"Thank you so much."

Charibel and Leon started to walk to the fashion store, but unexpectedly, he realized that he didn't eat during the walk home. "Um, are you hungry Charibel? The package can wait since food is important." He asked as she shyly nodded, "Yeah I am.. Thanks, where will we go then?." He looked at her and began to blush secretly at her beautiful and kind attitude towards him, so he smiled at her and petted her gently.

"Let's go to a restaurant for us to eat okay?"

"L-Leon, you don't have to do that for me you know!"

"Yeah, but I wanna repay you for rescuing me."

Leon said as it made her blush, "O-Okay then, but please don't overdo it okay?" She said as Leon smiled at her, "Sure, we will go to Krispy Kreme just to eat some food and drink some coffee, okay, or we can go to a restaurant to eat some Filipino dishes?" He said as Charibel blushed and nodded, "Sure! I wanna eat the Filipino dish, it's so nostalgic!!!" And the rain started to pour very hard as she put out her umbrella, "To be honest, it was delicious eating dishes before sweets, but can we buy leftovers as well?" That made Leon nod before he went under the umbrella, now that the two are under the umbrella and started to walk under the rain with some delightful chats about food, gadgets, and etc. People didn't expect that there would be two people under the umbrella every single day, but it was only Leon and Charibel.

The two felt slightly embarrassed, as some few people took a picture of them secretly saying that 'they're jealous that they're single but funnily they both just only meet today just now. So while they're walking to a restaurant to eat, Charibel was feeling something strange about Leon. She never expected that he DID survive her deadly magical attack, but he said that the magic didn't go through and just attacked the others on purpose instead.

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