26th January 2009

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Dear Diary,

The previous entry was written because I had little time. I was lost in a forest and trapped inside a little house. I felt like someone was going to open the door, so I quickly wrote that and kept my Diary away. Mummy and Daddy told me that before I left to hunt, I shouldn't talk to strangers and abnormal people. I really should have listened because I spoke to a stranger. It was a little boy called Greg. He told me to follow him, he said he will save me. Then suddenly he fell down and blood was pouring from his eyes. Then I saw Mummy and Daddy standing in front of me. They beat me and said that I was disobedient. Then they locked me inside a little house. Now I'm sitting inside I room with only a candle for light. There was a weird man standing in front of me just now. I'm very scared. Why did Mummy and Daddy leave me here?

Evelyn Sapphire.

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