Part 1 "Adored Flower"

Izeiah's Pov

"Hey Izeiah!" Ivan called me.

I turned my head towards Ivan who's calmly walking. I still need to thank him for saving me last night because according to him, I passed out last night and almost got killed by a ghost.

"I owe you one. Thanks for last night" Pinigilan niyang tumawa. And here I am trying to be nice for once.

Despite all him trying not to burst out, he managed to say reply "It's nothing. It's the least I could do to someone who was about to get killed by a ghost." He chuckled after.


Why do I feel like something's not right? Nah, it's only my imagination. The good thing is-- I escaped from the ghost.

"Have you ever fallen inlove with a flower?" The Headmaster started. Here he goes again with his nonsense jabbers.

But wait. So if I was attracted to a flower--- does that mean I have to marry and live with it for a few days because it's going to die--- that's for sure. Then I have to pick another flower husband. And wait for Santa Claus to give me the magic bean? Damn. Imagine, life with a flower that withers after a few days.

"My sister loves a certain type of flower. But as agreed upon, we only planted 9 of those here inside the school after well-- after she dissappeared. Now it's time to plant new ones and harvest the old ones." Tumigil siya sa pagsasalita. Basta, parang humina ng humina ito.

But he continued to blabber more.

"Around a decade ago, we suffered the wrath of a demon who've been restrained from going on a rumpage. Because of that we saw a bloody moon and freed an untamed demon. And all of this happened on the night of the ninth full moon. It was a night that doesn't occur very often indeed" Tumango siya sa kanyang sekretarya.

"And to remind everyone about this suffering, we let the flowers we have offered to wither under the ninth moon who have witness how peace broke the minute the demon was freed." He sighed as if he was relieving some kind of tragedy.

Everyone knew about this suffering but me. Talagang isa sa mga nagtrend na chismis for how many months. Baka pa buong mundo ang may alam about dito. Wait. Nakita ba ni Ate Hina ang red moon na sinasabi nila? Dahil wala naman siyang nababanggit na ganoon saakin.

"These year's ninth full moon is special. The Izeiah's Game wouldn't run without a demon and to thank that demon, we're going to offer that demon the flower that Izeiah adored the most. The nine students who will offer this type of flower will be given the chance to wish for anything that's within our power."

So, ang paboritong bulaklak ni Izeiah ang hahanapin namin at iooffer? And sabi niya any wish that they can grant. Kung gusto kong ipakick out si Lothi at ang iba pa niyang kasama, sigurado naman akong kaya nila ito di ba? Matatapos na finally ang misyon ko!

Okay, all I need is a damn flower to get out of this place.

"Now here's the hint listen carefully 'cause I'll only say this once." Meron pang nalalaman na pangingisi ang Headmaster.

"Related ito sa Izeiah's Game." Simpleng sabi ng secretary na nagpafrustrate naman sa Headmaster. May pasuspense pa kasing nalalaman, iyan tuloy naagawan ng spotlight.

"Secretary naman! Sayang ang ginawa kong suspense!" Nagdadamog na sabi ng Headmaster sa secretary niya pero binalewala niya lang ito at umalis na sa stage.

"Tsk. Panira ng mood talaga ang babaeng iyon. Sige na, una na ako! Bye guys!" Paalam ng Headmaster at umalis na din.

What is Izeiah's Game?

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