Chapter 2: The Promise

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Jack came back everyday, playing with Elsa and teaching her how to control her powers. Unfortunately, she was always afraid she was going to hurt someone, which proved to be a disadvantage when Jack tried to hold her hands and guide her. This went on until the day Elsa's parents left on ship to see to business needs in Wesealton.

"You will be back soon?" Elsa asked shakily.

"You will be fine, Elsa." The queen said kindly.

"Conceal it," started the king,

"don't feel it," Elsa continued,

"don't let it show." They finished in unison. Elsa retreated to her room where Jack was waiting.

"Think of how proud your parents would be if they came back and you had mastered how to control your powers." Elsa's face brightened.

"You're right!" And for the next two weeks, they worked on controlling her powers. Then, Jack was called away.

"Don't worry Elsa. You'll be fine without me. Just keep working on it. I'll be back before you know it." He flashed one of his famous smiles.

"Promise you'll come back? Promise you'll come back when I need you?" Elsa asked, tears welling in her eyes.

"Yes." Jack said confidently. "But promise me one thing."

"What?" Elsa asked.

"Always believe in me, okay?" Elsa smiled.

"Of course. I'll always remember you." Jack let out a sigh of relief. Then, he took off into the winter night, just like when he first met her.

"Goodbye, Elsa"   

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