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Warning: Sexual content

Harry returned only seconds after Mila had finished getting dressed, a white box of a dozen assorted donuts balanced on the palm of his hand as he twirled his car keys around his index finger on the opposite hand.
"I've brought good eats!" He annonced cheerfully, placing the box onto the dining room table and tossing his keys onto the granite kitchen countertop.

Mila skipped from the bedroom, dressed in Harry's favourite sundress on her, along with bright red matte lipstick to top it off.

Harry grinned at the sight of her, his arms outstretched, welcoming her into a warm hug. "Happy birthday, baby." He stated, pressing a kiss to the top of her head.

"Thanks, Harry." Mila mused, standing up on her tippy-toes to plant a kiss to his lips briefly.

"Louis and I have got an eventful day planned for you, my dear." He gushed.
"You look beautiful, by the way."

"Thanks. I also wanted to talk to you about something." Mila began, a bit hesitant to tell him her decision about FSU.
"I've decided to finish out my semester at Florida State, and then I'm going to transfer to University of Arizona here in Tucson."

Harry grinned heavily, the idea of Mila living with him again made his heart flutter.
"Are you sure this is what you want?"

"Positive." Mila smiled, her arms wrapped tightly around his waist. "Emma won't be happy, and neither will my Mom. But it's my life, and I'm happy here, in Arizona, with you and Louis." She admitted, her arms squeezing his sides.

"I love you." Harry confidently spoke.
"So much."

Mila's cheeks went hot at his words as she pressed feathery kisses to his cheeks.
"I love you too."

"Can you two hurry up? We've got plans." Louis joked, waddling over towards them on his crutches.

"Where are we going?" Mila wondered.

"It's a surprise." Louis teased as the three of them walked out the front door of the flat.


They'd arrived shortly after, Harry parked Louis' Range Rover in the parking lot of Lucky Strike Bowling Alley.

"Bowling? I haven't been since I was eighteen!" Mila gushed. Her father, Joey, had always taken Mila, Emma and Beau bowling on Sunday mornings. It became a bit of a tradition for the family, all except Caroline, their mother, who despised bowling with every fiber of her being (mainly because she broke a nail one time in a bowling ball).

Harry grinned. "I know. I remember you telling me. Are you excited?"

"Yes! I'll probably play like garbage though, it's been a good minute since I've played." She admitted, worried that the first ball she'd throw would end up being a gutter ball. "Wait, will Louis be able to play?"

"Fortunately, no. I'm trash at bowling anyways. I'll just eat some nachos and laugh at how ruddy awful Harry's going to be."

"Quit it, Lou. I'm not that awful."
Truth be told, Harry and Maliya would go bowling quite often, and he'd gotten rather good. It has been over a year, however, so he may be a little rusty.

"Ready?" He mused, climbing out of the car and jogging around the front, swinging Mila's door open politely.

"Let's go!" She cheered, helping Louis' crippled self from the vehicle as they made their way up to the bowling alley, which appeared to have been newly renovated, or just kept in great condition.

Harry's hand brushed against Mila's, as she grabbed it firmly and slipped her fingers inbetween his. The feeling of her hand in his was indescribable. It was as if they were made for each other, they fit together like puzzle pieces in every way.

"Hold up," Louis called. "My armpits are on fire." He paused for a moment, outstretching his arms and taking a deep breath. "Maybe I should resort to a wheelchair."

"We could get you one, Lou. Just say when." Harry replied.


The three of them made their way into the bowling alley, the familiar sound of bowling balls colliding with the heavy pins echoed in Mila's ears, a warm feeling resonating into her core. She found herself becoming rather nostalgic, and the memories of her father teaching her how to bowl when she was five bombarded her mind.

"You alright, Mi?" Harry whispered huskily into her ear, squeezing her hand in his.

"Fantastic, actually. Just a bit nostalgic. I miss my Dad, he loved bowling."

"And y'know what? I guarantee he's looking down on you now with a giant grin on his face." Harry smiled.

"And he'll probably laugh at how badly I suck." Mila admitted, a chuckle erupting from her belly.

They approached the front counter, where a man in his early-thirties stood behind a computer, a reddish-brown beard pertruding from the acne prone flesh that covered his face.

"Can I help you?" He greeted.

"One lane for two, please. Shoes as well." Harry began, fishing his wallet from his jean pocket.

"Shoe sizes?"

"Twelve for me." Harry replied.

"Seven for me." Mila blushed. Her feet felt tiny in comparison to her boyfriends.

"One hour or two?" The man added.

"Two, please." Harry said.

"That'll be $24.99." The man finished, grabbing Harry's card from his hand. "Lane eighteen." He added, placing their shoes onto the counter.

"Thanks, lad." Harry smiled, grabbing both pair of shoes before excusing himself from the counter, Louis trudging behind them rather slowly.

"What weight ball do you need?" Harry wondered, grabbing a thirteen for himself on a nearby rack. The ball was electric blue, just like the tie Louis owned and wore too often.

"Eight. Doesn't matter which color." Mila replied, unlacing her pink Vans and tossing them to the side, placing the bowling shoes onto her tiny feet.

Harry returned moments later, carrying an eight-pound lime green ball with sparkles engraved onto it. "Will this be effecient?"

"Perfect. Thanks." Mila grinned, grabbing the ball from him and approaching the lane. She was first on the list to bowl.

Louis had taken a seat at the table, calling a waitress over to order a large plate of those nachos he'd been talking about.

"Don't judge me if it goes straight to the gutter." Mila defended, taking her typical stance as she observed the pins that lay before her.

Suddenly, she felt the warmth of her father standing beside her. "Eye the pin you want to hit, just like I showed you." He had said.

Mila jumped at the sight, her head whipping around in several directions to see if anyone else had seen him too.

Joseph Hartley stood beside her, wearing his typical pair of thick rimmed Ray-Ban glasses, his brown hair sleeked back with gel. The odd part was, he looked completely and utterly solid.

"Be sure to line your ball up with the pins when you throw. Don't be sloppy." Joseph added, a sincere smile plastered on his face, a smile Mila hadn't seen in three years.

"Mila? Everything okay?" Harry called from behind the line, standing firmly on the galaxy-printed carpeting.

Mila's neck whipped around to face him, a wild look present on her face. "M'fine. Just deep in concentration." She lied.

Harry's eyebrows raised in suspicion.
"Alright then." Louis, however, had his nose planted deeply in the skin of his mobile.

"You can do this, Mila Jo. Just concentrate." Joseph Hartley added, his voice smooth, like butter.

Mila inhaled sharply, her gaze focusing on the middle pin as she approached the lane. Slowly, at first, then picking up speed as she aggressively rolled the ball down the lane.


Mila's face lit up as she spun around quickly to face Harry, who had a look of bewilderment present on his face.

"Damn, girl! Look at you go! A pure natural!"

"That's my girl." Joseph Hartley's voice echoed in her head. But when she turned to look at him again, he was gone.

"My turn." Harry cheered as Mila scrambled back to the carpet, taking a seat across the table from Louis.

She observed her boyfriend as he cautiously approached the lane, bowling ball held firmly in his grasp. With two large strides, he approached the lane quickly and sloppily threw the ball directly into the gutter.

Even Louis had whitnessed the awful toss, a snort erupting from his nose as he placed his mobile on the table. "Told you he was rubbish."

Harry approached the table, a defeated frown present on his face. "That was rather embarassing." He revealed.

"S'alright," Mila cooed, her arm tracing the swallows that lined his collarbones.
"I still love you, even if you're garbage at bowling."

"Ouch." Harry mocked, taking a seat where Mila had previously sat as she retreived her ball.

As soon as she approached the line, the figure of her father appeared once more.
"I'm so proud of you," He complimented lowly. "You've always been amazing at bowling. Much better than Emma and Beau." Joseph said.

"Thanks, Daddy." Mila whispered, quiet enough so that Harry or Louis could not hear.

"What're you looking at, babe?" Harry called from behind. Why was she acting so strange? Was she having flashbacks or something?

"Just concentrating." Mila called back.
"I wish he could see you. I want you to meet him." She told her father.

"Take him to my grave, I'll speak to him then." Joseph smiled.

"That's all the way in Florida." Mila replied, rather defeated about how far away it is.

"Bring him. If you love him, I want you to bring him to me." Joseph smiled.
"Now, keep concentration. Try some of your old tricks I taught you."

She did just that, rolling the ball fancily so that it barely skimmed the gutter, curving back around to collide with the pins, swiftly knocking down nine of them. Dammit.

"Wooo!" Harry cheered from behind, running up to her to wrap his arms around her waist. "You're amazing, Mila. I love you."

Mila glanced to the left, where Joseph Hartley still stood. He smiled broadly, blowing a kiss in her direction, before disappearing quicker than he'd appeared.

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