accepted // jughead jones (pt. 1)

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requested: nahh
dedicated to: all of you

basically I initially planned not to write any part 2 or 3 for this,
but then because of my friends saying I should,
I wrote a part 2 haha. And, sorry for any grammatical
errors hehe :))


THE NIGHT WAS COLD. All you could think was why no one could like you. You tried your very best to be like your older sister Veronica. But it just seems that all your efforts has no value.

You sighed as you looked outside. It was raining. You sat alone eating fries and a burger at Pop's and a chocolate milkshake. 'I suck. Why do I even try?' You thought to yourself while you sadly munched on your burger. 'I'll never be like Veronica. She's cool, clever and basically any guy's dream. Me? A useless, stupid, not famous girl. What's in for me then?'

"Hey." You look at the person who greeted you. You got scared thinking that it would be Veronica since you didn't tell her that you'll be going out tonight or some random stranger that could, you know, kidnap you. Instead of seeing Veronica or someone, you saw Jughead Jones.

He was that weird antisocial dude with an odd-looking hat. You cleared your throat then replied, "Um hi?" He looked at you then said, "What're you doing here eating a burger, fries and sipping a milkshake at 11:30 pm?" 'I was also gonna order more though,' you thought to yourself. "And you're probably thinking that you were supposed to order more food. Am I right?" He asked. 'What? How did he know?! Whuttt? Mind blown!' You couldn't utter a word since you were caught of looking at his eyes.

"Y-yes. How did you know? Are you a mind reader or somethin'?" You sipped your milkshake. 'Gosh I sounded like an idiot.' He sighed then said, "Just tell me what's wrong maybe I could help you." 'Who does he think he is? My close friend? My best friend? I rarely know him!' You thought while he waited for your response.

He saw the uneasiness plastered in your face then added quickly. "You don't have to tell me, I just wanted to help you." 'He's not bad. Maybe I could tell him?' You nodded at him saying, "I just feel like I'm not good enough. And that I don't meet the expectations of my mom. Her always comparing me to Veronica kinda sucks since she doesn't see my efforts. I've always been that girl trying hard to impress my mom but then it just seems that it isn't enough."

He gave you a look of sympathy as you continued. "I just want to be accepted that's all. And in school, I don't really have much friends, whereas Veronica has a lot. I know what you're thinking, that I'm just acting childish and getting sad over a little thing. I — I just —" Jughead then interrupted you. "I'm not thinking that you're acting childish. I know what you feel. You just want to be accepted and be happy for once."

You smiled at his words. "Thanks Jughead. It means a lot, like really a lot." He gave you a small smile. "Can I have some of your fries? I'm really hungry right now." He said.

so how was that one guysss? I was legit proud of this one because for the first time I wrote with long paragraphs :'') but whatcha think? is it yeh or meh?

- mikayla xx

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