Part 3 School Days

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I woke up and ran to find my clothes.
I tried to rub the tiredness out of my black eyes.
I threw on my ASDF T-shirt and a pair of jeans and my blue hoodie.
I combed my hair up and brushed my teeth quickly.
No time to eat breakfast.
I said goodbye to mom and gave a disappointed grunt to my dad. He wouldn't know the difference.
"Be respectful." My mom snapped.
"Over my dead body." I said looking at my dad.

I walked out the door and threw my headphones over my head and sang.
"The sun goes down, the stars come out. And all that counts is here and now..My universe will never be the same.." I started. It was an old song but I loved it.
"I'm glad you came.." I heard someone else finish the verse.
Tord walked by my side.
He smiled and I shut my music off.
Tord danced in front of me singing the rest of the song.
"Your such a child." I said.
He twirled around and threw his arms out smiling.
"Your realizing this now?" He asked.
I couldn't help but laugh.
His outfit changed from yesterday. He had a minty green and blue hoodie with a white daisy on it and a white rose crown. His light up shoes were focused on the colors blue and green and silver.
His backpack hung over one shoulder.
His backpack was black and covered in silver stars.
His hair blew back into his face when he turned around to talk to me.
"So what is this school like?" He asked.
I shrugged.
"Just some high school that everybody in the town went to." I said.
He sighed.
"How's the bullying issue?" He asked worriedly.
I was honestly surprised to see him cry last night, even if it was only one tear.
I smiled lightly.
"There isn't much, and if anyone does bully you, tell them your friends with Thomas Thompson.. they'll get the gist." I said giving him a tough look.
He laughed and looked at me.
"Since when did you decide you were my protecter?" He asked smirking at me.
I smiled and punched his arm.
"Since last night." I smiled.
He then laughed nervously.
"You okay?" I asked as he hung his head. He wasn't so cheerful anymore.
He sighed.
"F-fine." He said. He was obviously lying.
I wrapped an arm around him.
"I can tell when someone lies. What's wrong?" I asked again.
He shrugged.
"Wh..What are people going to think of me?!" He asked. I heard his heart pound.
"A-and what if I have to move again!?" His pitch went higher.
I stared at him.
"Tord you will be fine.. people aren't THAT bad!" I said trying to calm him as the school came into sight.
He started breathing heavily and he sniffed.
I stopped him and looked into his grey eyes.
"Please.. trust me." I said.
I saw the tears start to fade away and I smiled.
I started to sing again and soon Tord joined along.
"The sun goes down.."
"The stars come out."
"And all that counts is here and now..."
"My universe will never be the same."
"I'm glad you came."
"I'm glad you came."
We sang together. It seemed like nothing else could happen. I felt trapped in the song and we kept singing.
His grey eyes beamed in the sunrise.
I smiled brightly and Tord finished off the sing by jumping up and spinning in the air and landing on his hands in a handstand.
I giggled.
"Your a weirdo." I snickered.
He flipped back up and smiled.
"I know!" He said brightly.
He was clearly cheered up.
He kept whistling the tune to the song.

We soon reached the school.
Tord nervously clung to my arm.
Kids pushed past us as they hurried to their classes.
I looked at Tord.
He was gripped with fear and I hugged him closer to me.
"Don't worry.. they don't notice you." I said.
He looked up at me with a crooked smile.
I led him to the office and got him his classes.
He still held my arm and eyed everyone nervously. I walked him to his P.E class.
He looked down and handed me his flower crown.
"Aren't you going to wear it?" I asked him.
He shook his head and pulled his hoodie off. He had a grey shirt on underneath.
He set his shoes off focus.
"Why are you pulli-" I started.
"I don't want to be bullied for being weird." He sighed.
I growled under my breath and tucked his hoodie back over his head.
He struggled and I clamped my hands onto his shoulders.
He stared up at me with fear.
I breathed out and looked down, my hands still on his shoulders.
"Tord don't change yourself. Your perfect the way you are." I said.
He blushed lightly and pulled his hoodie over his head as lit his sneakers back up.
I smiled and he put the small flower crown over his head.
He smiled at me and waved goodbye. I waved back and headed to math.
I nervously pushed my hair back.
"What the hell just happened!?" I muttered.
I re-imagined the morning and sighed.
This is all too crazy...
I thought.
I sighed and thought about Tord being bullied. I growled and clenched my fist.
Why did I feel this way!? I hadn't even liked Tord.
Di-did I!?

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