part 2

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I really hope you enjoy it because I feel like I suck at writing fanfic >///<

Victor's pov:
Katsuki yuri, he's cute and akward more like hot and fuckable. I don't know why he's so hot right now, but I'm looking forward to "tutoring" him. I go back home and rest, thinking about yuri and why i find him attractive. He must have feelings for me... that's it I'm going to make a move and let it go from there, and yes I'm willing to risk my job for him because I love him that much! I went to sleep, woke up, went to work, and waited all day just so I could "tutor" Yuri. Hours and hours passed by I didn't even sit with yuri today at lunch because I was preparing for our "tutoring lesson." Finally after a long wait, it was time.

Yuri's pov: I really don't know if I can do this, the only reason I had confidence yesterday was because I took a few Shots of tequila. But I can't just keep doing that. Damn it I seriously haven't thought this through. It's too late now. I put on something "attractive" like something Victor would wear. I arrive at Victor's doorstep and knock on the door. Victor opens the door and greets me with a smile. "Hey Yuri, come in" his apartment is simple looking it looks like it's an apartment for two yet he lives alone. I sit down and he offers me a drink but I deny it. We sit down and start with the basics, he keeps staring at me as if he's thinking of me.

Victor's pov:
Man do I want to kiss him. His lips look soft and so kissable, i can just...I stop Yuri talking and i look at him, i start to get closer to Yuri, i put my hand on his leg moving up slowly then putting my hand on his lips. I remove my hand and make my move. My lips touch his. I kiss him.

Third person pov:
Victor had kissed Yuri. Yuri was really suprised and pulled back. "What's wrong yuri you didn't enjoy the kiss?" Victor says sadly. "No, i did enjoy it. The thing is why me I'm the last person that you would want to fall in love with."

Yuri's pov:
Why me, why did he fall in love with me? It's not a bad thing I just want to know why. "Yuri, i love you and i fell in love because of who you are. Now, have you ever" I mean I always thought who I would first have sex with but I didn't expect it would be Victor. "Ahh um..n-no." I look down embarssed considering the fact that I'm still a Virgin.
"Don't worry Yuri, I'll go easy on you"

Third person pov:
Yuri, finally got some courage and leaped forward kissing Victor. Victor wrapped his arms around yuri and pulled him closer. Both of them started moaning and groaning. Yuri stopped kissing Victor and started taking his shirt off and unzipping his pants,  Victor was shocked that Yuri was the one doing this but he just went with it. "You really want it don't you, Yuri?" Victor then started taking yuri's clothes off ,leaving him only in his underwear. "U-uh is it a bad thing, that i... enjoy this?" Victor puts his hand on Yuri's cheek, "Of course it's not" Victor lifts yuri up and he starts walking towards his bedroom. Once inside his bedroom, Victor drops Yuri onto his bed. "Uh Victor... this first time..." Victor smiles and starts sliding toward Yuri and kisses him , "then I'll make sure you have a good time"  Yuri blushes, looks away but then he looks back at Victor. "Th-then put it in" Victor took his pants off, then his and Yuri's underwear. "This might hurt a little bit, but you'll get used to it" Victor said "let me start you off easy" Victor took his fingers and put them in Yuri.

sorry I ended it there, it's a little hard for me to write these kind of parts but I'll try to write more...soon

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