Chapter Two (Rewritten)

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(Y/N) - Your Name
(F/C) - Favorite Color
(S/C) - Skin Color

You groaned in irritation as sunlight streams in through the window behind you, bouncing off the door and going right in your face. Of course the sun woke you up. You stretched out across the bed, feeling it's foreign covers and slight warmth from your own body heat. The previous day's events started to come to mind, becoming more and more impossible as they manifested. Sighing in confusion, you drop the subject of traveling to games and sleeping in a murderer's bedroom and smell the wonderfully familiar scent of baco-- Wait, what?

You jolted upright in sudden panic and terror as you recognized the inherent danger of being in the same house as a killer, and started to feel the rest of your body and make sure it was all there, freaking out for a moment when you thought your foot was missing. Really, you were just too shaky to register that your legs were pressed together under the sheets from sitting up so quickly to keep yourself balanced. As soon as you tore away the crimson blanket, this became highly evident to you and as a typical result to this ridiculous and mildly embarrassing misunderstanding, your cheeks warmed up and stayed that way as you swung your legs over the nearest end of the bed to stand up. As your bare feet touched the ground, you felt the cold swarm around you. With the lack of a warm blanket pressed around your form like you'd been tucked in, the chilled air from the high levels of the hill that the house was on was quite noticeable. The cold oak plank flooring was smooth to the touch and not at all unpleasant to the feet, though you still quickly scurried out of the room to find the owner of the house, who was actually right across from the blankly colored oak doors you had pressed open to get out of the room. From this particular spot, you could only see the man's dark black hair tied up in a ponytail that hung down over his equally dark shoulders and stopping midway above his back. He looked different from yesterday, the green-and-weird-person murderer, but the reasons why were difficult to discern for your groggy, early morning mind. Regardless, he was standing in front of a burning furnace that seemed to be the source of the mouthwatering stench of bacon that had flooded the room over its various time of cooking. Well, he was, until you opened the door and made noise, bringing the hacker's red-eyed attention onto you.

"Ah, (Y/N), you've finally awoken." James greeted you with a soft smile and the formal words that smoothly dropped out of his mouth and floated to your ears. For some odd reason, his voice seemed a lot more calm than when you had first heard it. "Care for some bacon? At least, as close as Minecraft can offer."

'So it was bacon I woke up to... Isn't that peculiar,' you think to yourself, watching the being across the room from you, who had always had his back turned, though his head rotated once about halfway to see your reaction to his question. Before you could reply, he seemed to become bemused for some reason, as if something he saw or heard was amusing to him. "Um... yeah, sure. I'd love some." The response was short and sweet, nothing too dramatic for just waking up.

James raised an eyebrow to your mumbled words and chuckled in his oddly familiar tone while turning towards you, and made it quite obvious what was different. The whitish greyish cloak that had originally covered most of his chest was off elsewhere, entirely missing, so that was a little weird. Luckily, the same soft sweatpants he'd worn the day before were still there, but he was still missing a key article of clothing. You cheeks again darken in color, this being the second time in a matter of minutes, before the human-like creature (who knows what he is) gestured to a countertop nearby yourself, welcoming you to sit there while he finished with the drool-worthy bacon that was still cooking on top of the blazing furnace. Taking the invitation with a childish smile, you propped your arms up on the surface before hoisting your smaller form up and onto it, sitting so that your knees and below hang off of the cold, polished quartz surface. Taking note of the color, you still preferred (F/C) marble counters to the one you were sitting on now while you ignored the other man in the room, who was quickly tossing burning hot slivers of porkchops onto two white ceramic plates. The guy seemed to be obsessed with the ivory color, as it was paired everywhere around the room.
Regardless of how weird it was to try and avoid letting your eyes peek somewhere it probably wasn't appropriate to, you took the plate out of James' warm hands. Like, those charcoal colored extremities of his were like the same soft, comforting blanket that you'd be wrapped in just minutes before, and it felt amazing. Yes, you were that cold to compare someone's hot hands to a blanket. And you could imagine it having the same effects on you as a regular blanket - you know how having a fluffy (F/C) comforter wrapped around you made you feel safe from whatever lurked under your bed when you were a kid? Same concept of imagination here. Having warm, gently arms wrapped around you in a hug would be so comforting, even if you were being held by a murderer.
Wait, (Y/N), do you even hear yourself? You sound desperate.
As strange and embarrassing as it was for your own conscious to remind you that you had a girlfriend and that you didn't need a hug at this moment, even if it was pretty cold in the room even with the furnace, you managed to keep your face at it's typical neutral rather than a pink blush that showed easily on your (S/C) like you'd already done twice today. You could tell today was going to be a strain on your self-control.

"(Y/N)?" You heard the hacker's wonderfully smooth voice breach your thoughts, and you realized you hadn't even started to eat. You had zoned out, unfortunately looking at a certain male's chest...
"Don't you know it's rude to stare?" He laughed as he finished the sentence, the noise further amplified by the bright red blush that flooded your face.

Once you recover enough to try and regain your lost manliness (can you tell I'm a female? XD), you crossed your arms over your suddenly-slim-seeming torso and shook your head, covering your tragic embarrassment in some good old fashioned sarcasm. "Of course not. Where did you learn that staring wasn't okay? How strange."
Yesh, that didn't sound nearly as smooth as you wanted it to - or even partially as smooth as his words had been.

WELP didn't get as far as I wanted, but at least I'm done with a chapter?

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