;chapter thirteen

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Alaska's pov
I woke up to a knock on Joey's door.

"come in." I said barely awake. "Ally?" someone said. I rubbed my eyes to clear my vision & looked over to see Charles.

"charles. hey." I said tiredly. "hey. haven't seen you in a while."-C. "yeah Ik." "how was the tour?"-C. "it was great. so what are you doing here?" "Joey & I were supposed to hang out rn but I can go."-C. "no it's fine. you guys should hang out." "ok I'll be downstairs."-C. "ok. I'll wake him up." i said as Charles left the room.

"Joey wake up." I said, but he didn't wake up. "Joseph." I said shaking him. all he did was groan. "ok I'm leaving. bye." "no don't go!" Joey said & sprang up.

"Charles is waiting for you downstairs." "oh ok. what time is it?"-J. "12pm." "ok."-j. "i'm going downstairs." "you might want these." Joey said smirking & throwing me a pair of my shorts. "thanks." I said putting them on then going downstairs.

"Joey's just getting ready" I said passing Charles & sitting on the couch on my phone. "so was Joey a comfy pillow?"-Jen. I looked at her confused.

"I came into Joey's room earlier to wake you guys up but you looked too cute."-Jen. "thanks." I blushed.

"you & Joey are adorable."-S. "aw thanks Soph." "but actually tho. I want a relationship like yours when I am older."-S. I smiled. "what's so special about us?" "the way you guys look at each other, care for each other, love each other."-S. "yeah Joey's a great guy...get yourself a Joey & he'll make you feel like a princess."

"I still don't understand how he's dating you. how does he get the prettiest & nicest girl when he's like..well...him."-S. "thank u but it's because he's cute, sweet, & well...him." "ew."-S. I laughed at her comment.

after our little talk, we hung out for a while then at 5, I got ready to leave. "bye Soph." "bye Ally." she said as I left out the door.

as i closed the door & turned around, Joey was coming onto the porch. "oh hey." "hey babe. where are you going?" he asked confused. "home." "why?"-J. "cause this isn't my house." I said now confused. "it basically is, you're here all the time "-J. true.

"why do you have to leave?" he said whining. "cause you have to hang out with your family sometimes you know." "yeah but you can be there too."-J.

"I'll see you tmr. ok?" "please don't go." Joey said making a puppy dog face. "bye Joey." "fine." he said rolling his eyes. I kissed him then left to my house.
————— *next day* ————
I woke up very happy at 11:30am. I texted Joey saying "good morning ;) x" he texted back almost immediately saying "morning babygirl xx" he's so sweet.

we talked for a bit, then decided we were gonna go to the grocery store to get candy & ice cream, then we'd come back here to have a lazy day.

after we went to the grocery store, we came back to my house & went to the couch. we laid down on it & put on a comedy.

"Sophie & I were talking about you yesterday while you were gone." "why? i bet it was bad"-J. i laughed. "no she says she wants a relationship like ours when she's our age." I said smiling. all he did was smile then kiss me.

"& what did you say?"-J. "no you don't. he's gross." he put on a sad face with made me feel bad even tho he knows i'm playing with him. "i'm just kidding jojo." I said. "I love you so much." he said hugging me. ah he smells so good. "I love you too." I said smiling again.

"I actually said, yeah. get yourself a Joey, & he'll make you feel like a princess." "my main goal."-J. oh my god I love this boy so much.

after, we started watching the movie again & like 5 minutes later, I looked over at Joey, & he was already dosing off.

"Joey, why are you so tired?" "cause I didn't sleep last night."-J. "why not?" "cause I was thinking."-J. "about what?" "you."-J. I blushed. "what about me?" "how gross you are." he said scrunching up his nose & I playfully rolled my eyes at him.

"no i'm kidding. I actually was thinking about how perfect you are."-J. "awh stop. you're making me blush." I said pecking his cheek. "but I love it when you blush." he said pecking my lips.

after our little kissing session, he got up to go to the bathroom. i switched my position of which i was laying, to being on my stomach. when Joey came back, he laid on my legs & put his head on my butt.

"you have a nice ass."-J. i giggled. "i know." he smiled & kissed the inside of my thigh. i got a tingly feeling as soon as his soft lips hit my warm inner thigh. he's never done that before but i like it.

anyways, i let him go to sleep for a couple hours as I made food & did some school work. once he woke up, he came into the kitchen, ate food, we watched a bit of tv & went on our phones, then he went home :(


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