The Ballad of Bazookistan

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Bazookistan has been a familiar presence within several Japanese music + fashion subculture scenes for many years now, including playing regular DJ sets at HEAVY POP and Deca Bar Z and lots of appearances in the street snap sections in magazines like KERA.

She is probably best known for her striking white face makeup in the "shironuri" style and wild colorful outfits, featuring items from legendary designer Takuya Angel, who brought Japaneseque style to rave and club fashion in the 1990s. 

This picture was taken at the ARTiSM market event in November 2016, where indie creators gather to sell their goods such as handmade jewelry, apparel, and graphic art. Bazookistan was there, as she has been many times before, representing her favorite brand the Takuya Angel booth. 

But about a month later, Bazookistan announced she was "graduating" from her previous style coordinates and, while she is still active and visually striking, she's now moved on from her previous look.

People change... I get that, but wish others would rise up to take their place. Tokyo is a lot less Mondo without them. 

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