chapter twenty-one

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"Uh, what are you doing here? It's about to be 8. You should be home with Benjamin, doing couple things?" I asked, trying to not sound jealous (which I was).

Carlos dropped his pleadful look and dropped himself on his heels, "That's kinda the reason why I'm here. I wanted to talk to you... alone, over some private things..." He turned to look at Mal, and I did the same. She raised her eyebrows and looked at me, then at Carlos, then back at me. I waved my hand as a signal for her to leave.

She gasped and jumped up from her seat, "Oh!" She grabbed her backpack and books, shoving them all inside along with the rest of her belongings. "Sorry, I'm pretty oblivious." She gushed, throwing her hair out of her face and walking up to us. She went on her toes, giving me a kiss on the cheek along with a big side hug, saying goodbye to both Carlos and I and leaving.

Carlos looked at me, confused, "What was that...?" He pointed to the direction Mal left in.

"Oh, that's just something she does I guess... y'know to cheer me up."

Carlos nodded, "Can I come in?" He asked, pointing to the living room.

"Yeah, totally." I opened the door wider and allowed him to step in. He sat on the couch while I closed the door and locked it. Just when I plopped down, Lula came in, meowing and jumping up on my lap. "Lula, girl, not right now." I said, scratching at the bottom of her chin. She purred and fell on her feet, twisting her body so that she was laying on her back.

"You have a cat? Since when?" Carlos reached out to pet her, which she gladly accepted, nudging her head into the palm of his hand.

"I actually forgot I had her until she showed up when I walked in the house one day." I shrugged, rubbing her between her ears. She purred happily, kicking her paws in the air. "So, you're here bacause...?"

"Oh, right!" Carlos bounced in his seat, which made Lula stand up and jump off my lap. "I came here to talk to you about Ben."

I looked off to the side, "Benjamin?"

"No, it's just Ben. Benjamin is what I used to call him when we were broken up..." He looks at me with uncertainty.

"You're dating Benjamin again?" I ask, not meeting his eyes.

"Ben." He corrected, "And, yes. We're dating. Again. We started out on trusting eachother and going to friends then to dating again. We're just gonna give eachother another chance, y'know, see if we're truly endgame this time."

I pursed my lips, "I thought we were endgame." I whispered, finally look at him.

"Jay, you cheated on me." He said lowly.

I snapped my head in his direction, glaring at him. I stood up, "I didn't cheat on you! That was all part of Benjamin's set up! He got Audrey to kiss me so that he could ruin us! Remember I told you he was going to do something to ruin us! But your head was too far up his cheating ass to believe me!" I shouted.

"You cheated, too!" Carlos stood up, fists balled.

"I DIDN'T, CARLOS! When will you get that through your head?!" I pushed him against the wall, "Evie lied to you because she likes me! She lied to you because she wanted us to break up!"

"Evie wouldn't do that."

"Oh, you'll believe her but you won't believe me?!" I yelled, feeling flabbergasted. Carlos only stared at me, no response coming out from his mouth, "You know what?! I can't be called a liar or not be believed in my own house. Just get out. I can't deal with this." I let go of his arms.

"I just came here to talk, Jay! Not to argue with you and have you pin me up to the wall!" He yelled, trying to get me to look at him.

"Well I don't want to talk until you believe me!" I shot back.

Carlos closed his eyes and growled lowly.

"Well then I guess we're never talking because I'm never goingto believe that."

"Okay, sounds fine to me! I'll just move back to Agrabah and we can never see eachother again." I grabbed his arm and led him to the door, opening it and pushing him outside.

"I hope you choke on Ben's small cock."


wat i just do

i broke ur heart in two


nobody hate me that's just how it must go though everything will go back to normal in a few chapters, probably 2 to be specific


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