Silas, Gabriel & Unfortunate Things To Forget

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Silas' POV

After North met her at the grocery store, he'd told me about her, mentioning a girl with big green eyes who was too hot for her own good and mostly unaware of it. Then, after Mr. B told us that she might become more involved in the group, I had pushed for more. North isn't good with words, but Sang gave him some poetic talent.

He described her long blonde hair and slim legs passionately and the soft way she spoke that still conveyed power and control when she needed it. Even after a long (kinda girly) conversation about the benefits of such a sexy voice, he still hadn't described her completely. Nothing my grumpy brother could say would have done her justice.

Now, standing in front of me with her head tilted back to meet my eyes, I could see a glint in her eyes that North hadn't mentioned. She was determined and strong. I stuck out a big hand, "I'm Silas."

The smile on her face widened a little and she shook my hand, her skin feeling so soft in my callus grip. "Sang."

"Why was the broom late?" I asked her, pulling a joke out of my head in the hopes of hearing her laugh.

"Why?" She seemed amused at the question and her lips twisted a little.

"Because it swept in."

She giggled. A nice sound that made my smile widen. I did that. I remembered that North was still standing there and I nudged him with my shoulder. Then, Kota walked in, and his expression brightened as he saw Sang.

"Hey, Sang!" He started, then he seemed to remember the text from earlier and he frowned.

North butted in, "She's not mad."

Kota relaxed again and nodded while Sang just rolled her eyes a little.

Sang took control and held a hand out towards the group, "I just came by to see if there was anyone I hadn't met and to let Nathan know I was going to use his pool for a while. I'll leave you guys to the furniture arrangements."

All of us seemed a bit frozen in place, not knowing how to respond, but North just spoke up gruffly, "Be careful, Sang Baby."

She nodded politely and slipped back outside, starting on her way down the block. "Sang Moró? Pragmatiká? (Sang Baby? Really?)" I asked him in Greek.

"Skáse. (Shut up.)" He mumbled back at me.

Kota looked over the both of us with an odd expression and then spoke, "We're almost done. Can the two of you help move my mom's bed?"

I nodded and then remembered that Sang was currently in Nathan's pool in a swimsuit and grinned. "If we work quickly we can probably catch Sang before she leaves..."

North made a noise of agreement and Kota narrowed his eyes at us. I knew, inside, if he really liked her, he'd be with us when we went to Nathan's. Just because he wasn't willing to acknowledge that Sang in a swimsuit was a sight worth looking at, doesn't mean he didn't think it was true.

Nathan wandered in, "What's Si smiling about?"

"Sang Baby went to use your pool." North muttered to him.

Nathan's head snaped up, interest sparking in his eyes as he registered the information. "Kota, are we almost done here?"

He sighs and, for a moment, I could see how tired he really is. Keeping track of us as a family is exhausting and he works almost thanklessly. I make a note in my head to stop giving him shit when he assigns me surveillance jobs. "The bed and then I guess we can stop for today. Jess and I are happy with it so Gabe is the only one who still wants to move things around."

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