Drug Dealer

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A/N I know the title is weird but I have a good idea so just trust me @EstGirl4Life16

"Sorry dude but you gotta give me money for the drugs, aight?" "I don't got no money, give me the drugs and you may get outta here, alive." "I ain't giving you no drugs, bye bitch."

I walked out of the strip club, the drugs in my backpack." You better give me the damn drugs!" "I don't got no drugs man, leave me the fuck alone now." "I paid $750 dollars for those drugs, now give them to me."

I walked around the corner of the building, and saw a man shoving a slightly smaller guy to the building wall." Hand me my drugs, and I'll be on my way, if you don't, you're dead." "I got some drugs." I said shoving my hands in my jacket pockets.

The guy looked at me, dropping the guy," Who da fuck are you?" "I'm Kabby, what's your name?" "None of your business, give me the drugs." "You have to pay." "I ain't givin' ya a penny." "Well guess ya don't get any drugs." I shrugged and started walking away.

"Can I give you something else?" I stopped," Like what?" I looked at him over my shoulder." How bout sex?" "Sex? You think I would ever have sex with...you?" "Yeah, everyone wants to fuck with me." "Not everyone."

"I just need some drugs for tonight, let me give you sex, you give me the drugs. Deal?" "Tell me your name, I'll do it." "I'm Gerald, call me G." "Alright, your house or mine?" "I don't care, hold up let me get my money back from this dick." He looked at the guy who was watching us.

G picked him up from his shirt collar," Give me my money back, or your backpack will be taken, and you'll die." The guy growled and grabbed a pile of money out of his backpack throwing it at him.

Gerald counted it," You owe me 750 bucks man, you gave me 749." "Does it matter?" "Yes!!!" He yelled. The guy grabbed one more dollar smashing it into his chest." There ya go." He growled.

G set him down," Aight lets go." He said to me and walked with me to my place." Don't judge my home alright, it's not what you would ever imagine." "Who do you think I am." "I've heard of you, I recognize your voice. You're G-eazy, you don't really have a house, you live in your tour bus, at least that's what I heard."

"Yeah that's true. Got any condoms or shit?" "Yeah who da fuck do you think I am? I'm a drug dealer I got money for that shit." "But you got no money for a car?" "I got a car, I just don't use it sometimes." "Why though?" "Cause I can hot stuff."

I unlocked my front door and walked in," It may or may not smell like drugs everywhere you go, so don't judge." I walked into my room, it smelt like I just sprayed an air freshener that smelt like drugs." Smells like cherries, spray somethin' in here?" He asked sarcastically.

"Nah, wanna feel nice while we're having sex? Got some drugs in my drawers, take some wheneva ya want." I lied down in my bed and got comfortable." Aight fuck me hard." "What?"

"Fuck me hard I haven't done this for a month, just do it." "You're gonna have to beg harder." I sat up and looked at him." Fuck you." I got up and shoved him onto the bed," Beg." He said smirking.

I crawled onto the bed and crawled to him sexually whispering in his ear," Fuck me daddy, please?" "Beg harder." "Daddy slap my ass." He slapped it as hard as he could, I began kissing his neck roughly.

He let out a small sexual groan," Harder. Beg harder." "Please fuck me. I wanna suck you dry, I hope your dick is big 'cause I like big." "It's bigger than Russia." "How'd you fit it into your underwear then?" "It's a secret." G smirked unbuttoning his belt and pants.

I pulled them down including his boxers, damn his dick is actually kind of big. I wrapped my hand around it and moved it up and down quickly. G let out a louder groan throwing his head back," Faster."

I began going faster than I put it in my mouth sucking on it harshly." Fuck!" He whispered and grabbed onto my hair tugging at it a little. Gerald shoved me onto the bed so that I was lying down and he began fucking me hard.

A/N I'm sorry I didn't made it super sexual like you probably wanted

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