~ Kill Your Cares ~

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Dakota stood in howling wind as she waited, surprising ly the hood of her cl oak was managing to stay on her head. Leone stood next to her and was holding the head of Gamal in one hand. After their little battle she had ripped it from his body with her bare hands. She was formidablely strong.
Soon Tatsumi made his way into view.
Dakota glanced down at him, eyes thinning slightly. Her silvery white hair flowing in the harsh breeze. Her long strands were no longer in braids. They had untangled themselves.
"You're alive." She breathed.

"Aha! You're definitely one of us now Tatsumi!" Leone chuckled from behind smiling greatly like usual.

"Yeah.. you were right Dakota. He thought his strength would lead to his victory but it didn't." Tatsumi replied.

"It slowed him down because its not all he should have relied on." Daki agreed quietly. The wind had settled a bit now. Only a whistle of a sound now and then. It was dark.
"You should remember that too. Our opponents always teach us something."

He nodded and made a note in his head to bare that in mind always.

"Aye let's head back now yeah? Akame will be pleased you're still with us Tatsumi." Then lioness of the group suggested , her golden eyes flared with satisfaction and also relief hidden under. She was glad he was alive still.
Daki was too.

As they got back to base they were greeted with warm smiles and smoke. Najenda blew smoke right in Tatsumis face as she stood right by him and produced a wide grin with mouth open. "Eh Tatsumi, I congratulate you on your first mission and now I properly welcome you to Night Raid, I trust that you will serve us faithfully and well done for your first mission.I knew you had it in you." Her voice was comforting and husky , deep yet soft. Everyone felt at ease with her and she was the kind of boss you could joke with.
Tatsumi coughed during this as the smoke filled his lungs. "Th-Th a..nks --..!"
Everyone laughed.
Bulat patted him on the back from behind , chuckling. "We will make more of a man out of you yet! 
Tatsumi coughed again, eyes wide.
Dakota snorted a little, hands across her chest. 
"Get some rest now. Mine is taking you out tomorrow."  Najenda spoke again with a light smile. 

But the next morning didn't go to plan.

Lubba was setting up his threads as traps as usual and making sure that they were all secure in their places.
He did this often and had thread traps set out throughout the whole of the Forest surrounding Night Raid's Base.
His threads were a part of his Imperial Arms: Cross Tail which could be used in multiple ways both defensively and for attack. 
It was also used of course, to capture enemies.

Dakota was watching his back as a precaution. She was perched In one of the trees overseeing some of the land while Lubba was working away behind her on the ground. She also just simply liked to spend time with him. He was often silly in character, a bit of an idiot and a bit of a flirt but she was used to his antics and loved him all the same.

"Ayyye  Daki-Chan , how's the view up there?" He asked cheerily  as he looped another thread. The threads were not easy to see at all and you had to look hard so even Night Raid had to be careful.

"Enlighening." She breathed. Everything was casted in beautiful sunlight.  The waters of the distant stream g glistened. "And quiet until you spoke." She added in slight tease.

"You love silence too much I think haha!" The green haired flirt chuckled. 

"Silence can be both beautiful or deadly. Lubba..Everything feel right to you at the moment..?" The air didn't feel right to her all of a sudden.
It felt...ominous.

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