Chapter 1: First Day in Tokyo!

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Mochizou POV

          It's been about one month since Tamako confessed to me and we started dating. We haven't seen each other for a while since I decided to go to Tokyo. I wonder if she's still mad at me. Beep, Beep!


          "Mochizou! It's me, Tamako!"

          "T-Tamako! W-What's wrong!" This is surprising, I haven't talked to Tamako in a while and I'm still getting used to the fact that we're dating!

          "Well, actually, I was accepted into a culinary academy in Tokyo although it took me some time to convince my dad to let me go but my permission has finally been granted!"

          "That's amazing! When are you coming to Tokyo?"

          "Next saturday! And I was hoping we could meet," said Tamako embarrassingly.

          "Of course!"

          "Great! Well I have to go, bye-bye,"

          "Bye..." This is so sudden! Of course I'm excited to see her but what am I going to do once we meet?



          "Time to wake up," I moaned. "Oh! That's right, today Tamako will be moving to Tokyo!"

Tamako POV

          "Tamako be careful," said my dad while trying not to cry. "And make sure to give me a call,"

          "Hahaha, yes dad, don't worry, I'll be staying in the dorms at the academy,"

          "Well goodbye,"

          "Yes dad, goodbye now," I got on the subway until I finally arrived at the academy. Suddenly I felt anxious to go inside because I knew this wasn't going to be like high school, this is actually a place where I'm going to learn more about mochi,and where I'll meet new people!

          "Now, to find the girls dorms," I whispered to myself.

          "Umm, excuse me, are you Tamako Kitashirakawa?"

          "Oh umm, y-yes! And you are?"

          "Ah, u-umm my n-name is, Ami H-Higa, I'm your roommate and I'm supposed to show you to our dorm and around the a-academy ," Ami is a bit shy but she's really pretty and she seems like a nice person.

          "Ok Ami, you can call me Tamako. Please take care of me!"

          "Y-Yes!" We walked through the school, I was amazed by all the different classes, everywhere we went yummy smells of food and desserts filled the air.

          "Oh, umm T-Tamako we're here,"

          "Oh, thank you Ami!"

          "S-sure, no problem," Beep, Beep!

         "Hmm, ah, sorry Ami I have to take this call,"

          "Oh sure,"

Mochizou POV

          "Hello Mochi!" exclaimed Tamako.

          "Hi, have you arrived at the academy?"

          "Yup! I just arrived at my dorm and I made a new friend,"

          "Oh that's great! When...can I see you...?" I asked nervously while blushing a bit.

          "Oh umm, I'm free right now," responded Tamako

          "Great I'll meet you by Gokokuji Station at 6. Is that ok with you?"

          "Yeah! Ok see you then," I took a shower and a few minutes later I left my apartment and arrived at Gokokuji station. I waited for about 5 minutes until I finally saw Tamako.


          "Oh! Mochi, hello!" shouted Tamako as she ran to me and gave me a hug. I saw Tamako blushing which made me blush too and I noticed that now she was wearing a loose ponytail instead of her two pigtails.

          "Your hair changed! What happened to your two pigtails?"

          "Well I was going to wear them but Anko said that I'm in college now so I should probably change my hairstyle, hehe,"

          "Oh, haha that sounds like Anko," I replied.

          "Well, why did you decide to go to a culinary school in Tokyo?"

          "That's because if I was in Tokyo I'll be able to see you and learn how to make better mochi and other traditional japanese food," she confessed as my face began to heat up. We talked for a few hours and we went to get ice cream.

          "Oh it's getting late, I should probably head back to my dorm,"

          "Ok I'll walk you," As I walked with her I grabbed Tamako's hand out of nowhere and I noticed what I did and began to blush but I didn't let her hand go. We both had shades of red on our cheeks and avoided eye contact but once in awhile we would glance at each other, then look away.

          "U-umm thank you for walking me to the academy!"

          "S-sure no problem,"

          "Well goodbye, be careful on your way back,"

Tamako POV

          Mochizou turned around and waved as I watched him leave. Then, I realized, I'm still not very sure how to get to my dorm!

          "Oh great, just great," I mumbled.

*A few minutes later*

          "Thank  goodness I finally made it!" After what felt like an eternity, I somehow managed to get to my dorm where I found Ami studying.

          "Hello Ami, I'm back!"

          "Oh, hello, I hope you had f-fun wherever you went,"

          "I did have fun but then I got lost while I was trying to come back here. Hehehe..." I laughed awkwardly. "Well goodnight, tomorrow I have to go see my classes and meet my teachers,"

          "O-Oh g-goodnight," whispered Ami shyly yet calmly.

          The next day I woke up to the smell of freshly made eggs.

          "G-good morning Tamako! Would you like some eggs?" I was about to say yes until I noticed the clock behind her.

          "Sorry Ami, I have to go or else I'll be late!" I quickly showered and changed and ran out the door and followed the directions Ami had given me yesterday. Is it this room? Please let it be this room!

          "Hello," said a women with short curly blond hair. "You must be one of the new students, Tamako Kitashirakawa, correct?"

          "Y-yes ma'am!" I replied.

          "I am Watanabe-sensei and you'll be taking my class in making traditional japanese food along with other classes that can help enrich your knowledge in techniques to cook and how to use cooking utensils." After talking with

Watanabe-sensei, I found out what other classes I will be attending and beginning tomorrow I'll start attending classes at this academy. I can't wait to go to my classes and discover new foods and I also wish Mochizou the best of luck in his university!

Mochizou POV

          Ah, I'm so happy that I got to see Tamako again! I can't wait to go to many fun places with her and I hope she does good in her classes!

Author's POV

          What awaits Mochizou and Tamako in this new chapter of their lives? They'll meet new people and learn new things, they might even find themselves getting into drama but who knows! Follow this new couple on a new journey in their lives!

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