Girl and the Dog (REAL)

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                                                       The time I remember my dog......

Once upon a time there is a girl who really want a dog, her name is Roxy.

One day Roxy's father and mother went to her tita.

Her father and mother  was home they bought a dog,Roxy is very happy.

She jump and jump....She is so exited to see it....

That night Roxy is thinking of what name she will call her dog.Her father said, "Buchukoy".

Roxy think really hard and said "that's right his name is Buchukoy".

After 3 Years

After 3 years Roxy's dog is 3 years old.One day,one of our cousin was bitten by Roxy's dog because he made it very angry...

Buchukoy really love Roxy.

The next month,Buchukoy bite Roxy at her hand.

Roxy said that why will Buchukoy would do that to her.

Roxy is very scared to hug or touch her dog..

One night,her tita said that her dog scape from his chain after that Roxy's father caught her dog.

He carry her dog then Roxy's dog bite her father.....

The next day Roxy's father said that they will disposed her dog.

Roxy is very sad.

September 11,2010

On September 11,2010 at 3:30 pm Buchukoy is dead.

Her brother saw how Buchukoy dead.

Roxy feels like someone of her family is gone.

At 4:30pm Roxy don't talk much at her cousins at night Roxy cry and think that is very sad unforgettable moment.

After 1 Year

After 1 year Roxy don't much thinking of her dog because she didn't wan't to remember that day...

                                                                         *:THE END:*







What do you feel when someone you really love that you don't know he/she will say goodbye to you...

You feel like you have left someone in your life...

Sa dami ng namatay na asong alaga namin,si Buchukoy lang ang aking iniyakan at hindi makalimutan.

Ang ibigsabihin siya ay napamahal na talaga sa akin...........

Minsan kailangan mo talaga mag sucrifice... :'((

                                                             I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!! :)) 

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