Chapter 1

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Chapter 1


The December sky remains highly clouded, the surroundings cold and the dead leaves scattered everywhere; a few however remain hanging from the lifeless branches of the trees. There's no sound of the chirping of birds or insects, just the harsh sound of the cold winter air moving here and there. It looks as if it's about to start snowing.

Samara Khalid; a 23 year old beautiful woman sits in front of the fireplace, reading keenly from the encyclopaedia resting in her lap. Ever since her childhood, she has always been interested in the subject of Zoology. She has literally read so many Zoology encyclopaedias that she has lost count now! And being a student of Zoology, she finds herself absolutely lost in that world.

Pushing a strand of her hair back under her Hijab, she turns over the page and to her utter surprise, she finds an old-looking envelope tucked in between the pages neatly. She gently pulls it out of there, flipping it over, and her eyes widen slightly when she finds a heart-shaped sticker on the front side.

A love letter.

What's a love letter doing inside the encyclopaedia, she wonders, quite confused about finding a love letter in the encyclopaedia that she has borrowed from her favourite professor.

She decides to not open the envelope herself and puts the encyclopaedia down beside her whilst holding the letter in her hand.

"Grandma?" she calls the elderly lady sitting near her.

The lady looks up from the photograph album in her lap "Yes child?"

Samara holds up the envelope, showing it to her grandmother "I found this in Professor Tanim’s encyclopaedia!"

The lady's eyes widen and she immediately extends her hand forward. Samara places the envelope in her hand, watching as she caresses it lightly and shakes her head slightly.

"Ya Allah!" the lady hugs the envelope to her chest and a tear escapes her eye, trailing down her wrinkled cheek slowly.

Samara's eyes widen at that and she immediately wraps an arm around her grandmother's shoulder "Grandma, what's wrong? Why are you crying?"

The lady smiles a little, still hugging the envelope to her chest "It's nothing, child. When did he give you this encyclopaedia?"

"Yesterday. Actually, I had asked him for a complete encyclopaedia about butterflies, having all the information about their species and all, so he told me to take the blue coloured one kept on the desk in his study."

The lady shakes her head "I'm sure you've taken the wrong one."

"No grandma, not at all. When I went into his study to get the encyclopaedia, this one was kept there on his desk. It has a blue cover and it's about butterflies."

"Were there other books kept on his desk?"

Samara nods "Yes but I did not check them since I thought this is the one."

"It isn't, child."

"Why grandma?"

The lady smiles "Because I know he'd never want someone to read what's inside this envelope."

"A love letter?" Samara questions.

"A love letter," the lady confirms.

Samara raises an eyebrow at that "What was this love letter doing inside Professor Tanim’s encyclopaedia?"

"Keep it back in there child, and give the encyclopaedia back to him."

"No grandma! First tell me what was this love letter doing in there?! I know you know everything!" Samara protests and then all of a sudden grins wide "Was he in love with someone? Come on grandma! You must know it, after all he was your professor in college! Tell me?!"

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