Chapter One How she met her true love

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Everyone know that love is power thing no matter where you are and as for kagome well thing's have never been easy for her,she has not found the one she is meant to be with even after saving the futile era.Inuyasha has broken her heart for the last time he just couldn't get over his first love kikyo and kagome went back home to her own time just when a new teacher come to her school.And he look's just like inuyasha older brother sesshomaru accept for that he had black short cutted hair.Also this was sesshomaru who had used a powerful spell to come the future to see where the women he had fallen in love with back in the futile era.So kagome was walking to class like always when she heard one of her friend said that they are getting a new history teacher today and at first kagome didn't seem to care at all after the way thing had ended between her and inuyasha she wasn't ready for anything new like fallen in love again.

Kagome pov:

As I was walking to school I was think about inuyasha had done or what I had seen him doing I should this broke my heart so when I came back to my time it been hard not telling anyone whta happened.So when I made to school as I made my way to first period class which my history class I heard one of my friend tell me that we are getting new history teacher.Like I really cared not after what happened between me and inuyasha still on my mind right now,I just had to come back home to my own time to have some time think of what I should do from here but that changed.After I saw our new history teacher who kind of remind me of sesshomaru,Inuyasha older the only thing that was different was his hair it was short and black and his eyes were a deep blue.Also when I heard him speak he even sound just like sesshomaru it was a little weird and he said his name was sherow as I sat there in class I felt like my heart was pounding but I didn't wanted to fallen in love again.And to be honested I've s been seeing sesshomaru seen inuyasha broke my heart and he has changed a lot since rin had been with him,rin live in the village with villagers.

When the class had ended kagome was leave for her next class she had hard time getting the new history teacher out of her mind also that he looked just like sesshomaru it waskind of hard for her to pay attention in her other class.Until the second to last class of the day is there she learnd that their new teacher was he was seventeen but he was still a teacher he had his teaching degree.So he could teach high school history which was at kagome high school and as the final bell rang that said that class were done for the day.As kagome was walking home back and she knew that she was have go back to the futile era which she wanted to back to see sango as well as miroku but as she got home she first went to her bedroom for a bit then she got ready to leave again kagome took backpack that clothes and books too.Once kagome was leave for the well on their shrine grounds she said to goodbye to her grandfather as well as her mother and brother.When she made it the shrine where the hid well was she also grabbed her bow along with her arrows then jumped in back to the futile era.Once there kagome climbed out of the bone eaters well she was hoping to see shippo there wait for her but he wasn't there as kagome was finally out of the well she look around before she changed her clothes into her priestess clothes that kaede had give her.After kagome was changed she walked to kaede's village where her friends as well as inuyasha were waiting and deep down she didn't wait to see him not right now at the mounted.

Sesshomaru pov:

As I walking down the hallway of this high school that I will be teaching at well the first thing that came to my mind was I hope that I could see her again kagome,her face it was so beautiful also her hair as gotten a bit longer.Of course I know what my stupid asshole of half breed brother has done something to her but this had be going on inuyasha just couldn't put the pasted behind him.And I was walking through the forest one day when I saw kagome,she was on her own walking when two demon appeared this was more than kagome could handle so I appeared as one of them tried to attack her once I used my sword.She then fire her sacred arrow which killed the demon as for the other I had already killed him after that kagome look like she had been crying and I asked her,if it would be ok for me remain by her side and she said yes without saying anything else.As I made it to my classroom in my human form also my human name is sherow after I had used a powerful spell that turned me into a human as well as help go to the further also this spell the turned me human only last the day.So when the sun set I return to demon form it was at that mounted I saw her,kagome she was just as beautiful sitting at her desk.When the school day had ended I went home to my mansion was an old style but it was home and I knew that kagome would be going back to the futile era so I went back as well as too.

Meanwhile back in the futile era kagome was walking to kaede's village also kagome had her bow and arrows with her because demon were everywhere so she had to be careful when walking around by herself.As she could see the village in sited so she was not too far away now when kagome walk into the village the villager knew who she was also kaede happened to be walking around the village at that time and she was happy to see kagome.And kaede welcome her back to the village sango and miroku along with shippo appeared they were all happy to see that she had come back.Also inuyasha happened to be there to he was glad that she came back but they were not talking to each other right now not after what had happend to make things like this.This went on for a while until sango said that they had been asking for help by village headmen who had been having troubles with some demons attacking villagers.The villagers and he had heard of a group that will take out demons for a small fee which sango was able to work this time.Instead of miroku doing the talking,he would probably ask for more than the village headmen could pay also the village headmen said they could stay in his house until all the demon's were gone.

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