Kyle x reader- Stick of Truth ((EDITED))

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~ Warning swearing and bad spelling ~

~Your POV~

I'm the highest rating thief in the land of the elves and humans, the grand wizard fatass wanted me in the land of humans but I obviously said no because I was in love with the Elven King, right after the grand wizard asked me, the Elven king came to me personally and asked me.

I said yes, he was over the top of joy and made a ceremony to celebrate. We celebrated until the next morning, I was passed out on the ground along with other elves. I slowly open my eyes and pick myself off the ground, I looked around and went to see where the king is.

I went to his throne and he wasn't there, i got worried and looked around for him, he was nowhere to be seen. I went back to his throne and saw a note,

'If you have this note.....well we have your precious king and we won't let him go until (y/n) the thief is in the Grand Wizard Kings army.

From the Humans'

I read the note and ran for mine life to the Human kingdom, when I arrived I saw the Elven king tied up, guarded, I got two ninja stars from my backpack and through them at the guards, I killed them instantly. I ran to the King and tried to untie him.

"(y/n) get out of here!" He yelled whispered

"But you're my king and I need to save you" I said blushing

"No (y/n), I can't lose you to Fatass" he said blushing slightly

"what do-"

"Well well look who it is (y/n) saving her precious sad" I was cut off by fatass.

"You know (y/n)... I was quite upset when you chose the elves instead of the humans" he said looking down on me

"so I'm going to hurt you bad" I stared at him in shock, I felt my arms being grabbed and pulled back, cartman approved me and grabbed my hair

"now you bow down to me" cartman said, he punched me in the stomach and punched, kicked everywhere.

It hurt so much, "(Y/N)!!" I heard kyle say, I was laying in a puddle of my our blood.

I look over at kyle, his eyes were glossy and puffy, tears stained his slightly freckled face, he was struggling to untie himself "Fuck you (l/n)" cartman said before kicking me in the head, i was knocked out cold.

~One month later~

I slightly open my eyes, everything hurt. I was in an unfamiliar room, i look at my surroundings and spotted a certain red head lying asleep beside me, tightly holding my hand, he had his crown and hat off revealing his beautiful red curly hair, he looked like he hasn't slept in days.

"Kyle" I lightly said, he opened his eyes and took one glance at me , he jumped out of the chair he was sitting on and gave me a hug, my face heated up and I hugged back

"I thought you would never wake up, you were out for a month and i didn't leave you side" he said blushing, I look down on myself and I was covered in bandages.

He kissed my cheek "you are very brave (y/n), and for that you are announced queen of the Elven kingdom" he said giving you a flower crown,

"but what about you?" I said blushing

"yeah I'm still king" he said blushing

"is this a way of asking me out?" I said blushing even harder


"Well played and yes I'll be your queen" I said kissing his cheek, he put my crown on my head and we walked out of the room

"Elven people may I have your attention!!" Everyone looked "may I present my... I MEAN OUR Queen" everyone cheers as i came out of the room, kyle grabbed my waist and kissed me.

~Sorry for the shitty ending and sorry for the late update~

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