Chapter Twenty Seven

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The drive to the restaurant seemed longer than I expected it to be, but that was probably because the main topic of conversation was school. I'm dreading going back. What would happen between William and I? Would we still talk as much? Would we become something more? Or would he go back to his old habits? God, I hope not.

I know my father has never been big on the idea of his only daughter dating, especially around exam times. He always made it very clear that he could clear enough time in his schedule to fly over to England and scare away any boys that were interested in me. Not that there were many, one or two at the most.

But how would he feel about William, he knows him pretty well, which in a sense isn't a good thing. Maybe it would be best if we cut all ties after this trip anyway, he's an 18-year-old boy. He can be tempted by the girls in our school easily, it comes naturally to him to just sleep around. I'd just end up getting hurt. Studying is more important anyway, it'll get me further in life than any boy will.

"What're you thinking about?" I heard him whisper, his warm breath leaving goosebumps on my neck.

"Just daydreaming" I lied, I knew that there was no way I'd say any of this to him, not only would it ruin tonight, it would ruin the rest of the trip. For yourself, I thought, I know I was being selfish but I don't see why I shouldn't have fun while I can, he probably has the same thoughts running through his head. That's what he does, fuck 'em and chuck 'em. I now realised that my thoughts were purely just trying to reason with myself to stop me from feeling so bad.

"About me, I assume" He smirked, his arm around my waist squeezing me slightly in a joking manner. I just playfully rolled my eyes at him and then turned to join the conversation that Violet and Nate were having about some chicken restaurant in New York that they loved.


"FINALLY" Nathaniel and Hunter yelled at the same time, being the first to exit the vehicle, not even giving the driver enough time to come and open the door.

We had already paid the driver in advance, and we'd most likely tip him once he dropped us back at the house.

"I'm starving" I whined, leaning my back against William's chest, looking up at him. Even though we had a table booked, we had to wait in line.

"Hmm me too" He mumbled against my hair, "I could go some of you right about now" He chucked. My eyes widened and I turned around to hit his chest, not that it made a difference to him, he just grinned. "You're disgusting" I couldn't help but laugh.

"You love it" His smirk was growing, and I knew he had won this conversation, so I just rolled my eyes and left him standing a little bit behind the rest of us while I went and stood with them.

We were all in different conversations, well there was about three conversations, one about soccer, one about school, again, clearly Violet is panicking, and another about god knows what. After a while, I saw William walk to the desk as we were first in line now, and say "A table booked for ten, under the name Adams, it's the birthday dinner for the twins" The man's eyes seemed to light up in knowledge as the words left William's mouth. Will booked this?

"Ah yes, right this way" He smiled at us all, seemingly struggling to carry all ten menus.

We were sat up the stairs, with no one else around us. The table was round and right in the middle of the room. The room was dimly lit, and instead of walls, it was large windows all around us, giving us a view of the nearby forest, the little amount of civilisation and the hills that went on for miles and miles. It was beautiful. Amazing. Wonderful.

"Wow" Was all I could get out, I looked around the room and everyone apart from Will seemed amazed. He's clearly been here before. I sent him a small smile and he returned it with a large grin.

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