Prologue (Jameson)

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Prologue (Jameson)

"You're a horrible boyfriend! Fuck you! You're such a piece of shit! Why are you so horrible? It was our anniversary, and I'd been telling you that for three months now!" Krysta was overreacting, again. Why does this have to be special. Every freaking year she goes on this rampage. Doesn't she get that after three years together that this is how I am. It's how I'm always going to be. Nothing will ever change about us or about this.

She's always trying to "change me", but it doesn't work because there's nothing to change. I am perfect the way I am. Everything around me is amazing. My life, is amazing. My apartment, is amazing. My everything, is amazing. Why can't she get that and just enjoy life for what it is?

I ducked as she threw a vase at my head. She has really good aim, being a baseball player and all. The vase hit the wall and shattered with a loud clang. She growled, frustrated that it didn't hit me.

She began to start throwing anything she could get her hands on. She was pissed, and I needed to get rid of her. What could I say to make her leave. I was just as done with this relationship as she was. What can I say to piss her off?

"Well, do you have something to say?" she asked. Her face was so red. Is that normal?

"You were horrible in bed for the last two years of our relationship. That's why I haven't cared." I just wanted to get her to break up with me so that I didn't have to do it. I know, coward move, but it was time. This was a long time coming, and I think it would be best for the both of us. We were both clearly unhappy with each other that it only makes sense for us to move on and find other people.

"You know what? Fuck you! I'm out of here! Have a great life!" She stormed out of the apartment, slamming the door behind her. She opened the door and popped her head in once again. "Just in case you didn't know, I meant that we are broken up! Don't call me!" She slammed the door, this time a picture frame falling from its place and crashing on the floor.

It's kind of a shame too, because tonight she was looking really good with her silver dress on ready to go out. I sighed, sad. Oh well, onto the next thing.

It was time to move on and find something more interesting for me to focus my attention on. This relationship really was getting on my nerves. She was always coming around, wanting me to do things and go places. What I wanted was just to stay here where I have everything that I want and need to survive. I already had everything, being that my parents were loaded and could afford to buy me anything that I wanted.

They literally own three four islands, moving from one to the other depending on the seasons. They called each island by their purpose. Right now they're on Winter Island where is was warm nearly every single day of the year. It would be cool to join them, but I didn't want to. The couch was so comfortable underneath my butt right now, and I didn't feel like moving or doing anything.

The phone rang, breaking me from my thoughts. Who could that be? I got off the couch, the cushion groaning with my departure. I know, I'll miss you too couch! I picked up the phone after three rings.
"Hello?" I answer.

"Hello? Jameson?"

"This is he."

"Excellent, I was wondering if your would like to come and join your mother and I were wondering if you would like to join us for a week on Winter Island. It would be splendid if you did. We have an announcement we would like to share with you."

"Nah, dad. I'll stay here. No thanks."

"Jameson. If you don't come to see us, your mother and I will have to take drastic measures. Your mother and I haven't seen you in three years since you moved out to be with that wretched girl."

"Don't worry about her. We just broke up."

"Ahh, excellent. Then you should have no problem coming to see us."

"Once again, I say no thank you." I hung up the phone and walked back to the couch. It sighed as I sat back down. I feel the same baby. I rubbed the smooth leather that provided me comfort for years and hoped that we would never be separated. 


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