1. Love Knows No Boundaries...Except When Having a Roommate (o.O)?

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Love Knows No Boundaries…Except When Having a Roommate (o.O)?

Boundary 1: Privacy

“House Rules… No sharing of personal things like toothbrush, soap, and other toiletries…curfew at ten til four in the morning…if ever you plan in bringing woman here…make sure that your are intended in marrying her or just flirt outside…without me knowing…as not to be part of your crime…also shared responsibilities in chores…the schedule of cleaning is posted on the fridge…and…privacy is strictly implemented…”

“Blah…blah…blah…” Shin Manner mumbled. He is seventeen years old and a senior high school student, an ex-delinquent and having trouble in being a straight-A and polite student but need to, a choice he had to do or else his inheritance would be a big bang zero. He is the popular Mr. Bad Boy in his school. He is also the only heir to the Manner Group of Companies holding seventy-five hotels, fifty resorts, and thirty-five car manufacturing all over Asia and partly in Europe not to mention in being number one on stock market. Bad habits, drinking, flirting with women, lazy, irritable that always ends up in a street brawl, and hating his cousin.

“Do we have an agreement?” Hane Manner said. He is Shin’s third degree cousin, an honor student, calm, very compose on his behavior, and loved by all. He is the popular Mr. Nice Guy in his school. Though, he was in the line of a clan with great fortunes. His family’s business is in the bridge of bankruptcy. His cousin Shin makes him irritable and he loves his privacy.

“Yah…yah…whatever…” Shin replied even though he didn’t hear any of the house rules and Hane knows it perfectly well. He throws him with a mop.


“It’s your schedule for the house cleaning.” Hane’s nerves became visible and reminded Shin of his shared house responsibility.


“Look…I’m not a babysitter…and I don’t have enough funds for your royalty sickness…now…move and clean.”

Shin, got irritated and instead of cleaning, he bash all the things and walked out.

Hane got mad but end up sighing.

“That is why I hate the main branch family…they seemed not capable in disciplining their own children…”

In a pub,

“Hey, sweetie, you’re not in the mood today…by the way how’s your moving?” a pretty blonde girl ask.

“Don’t ask I had a lot of a h*ll with my life today…I just wanna cool off…” Shin replied while drinking a shot of liquor.

“Teeheehee…it must be hard for you to move on someone you don’t even like to live with…” the blonde girl teased him.

“Whatever, but I need to go on pretending until they had named the inheritance to me…” Shin replied and yet irritated. Then, someone tapped Shin at his back.

“Heyo…dude…haha…long time no see…how’s your goody good shoes act…(whistle) wow…new girl…haha” Jake Maine greeted him together with his bros in their fraternity. Jake is also a delinquent teenager and a son of some millionaire. “Wanna go with our usual session?” Jake said. He was referring to their smoking of leaves.

“No…maybe until I am able to force my folks in signing the will…”

“Ha…your folks are sure stubborn…eh…good luck then…” They went off.

Shin decided to go back home but he was a little bit aback of what had happened earlier but ended in a what-do-I-care attitude.

Shin arrived at ten in the evening and found the place all dark and the door is lock. Good thing he had a spare key and opens it up. He was shock to know that Hane wasn’t around and the mess he had done before were cleaned up.

“Hmmm he cleaned up the mess… Where did that idiot go…I guess that nicey guy had some filthy secret too…?!” Shin sneered wanting to find out what it is.

Four in the morning, Hane arrived home. Shin noticed it because he was awake with the car’s noise.

“Argh…four in the morning and so noisy…” Shin went to the window and was about to shout when he saw Hane with another guy.  

“Who’s that guy?” Shin thought.

LKNB…EWHAR…(o.O)?... LKNB…EWHAR…(o.O)?... LKNB…EWHAR…(o.O)?... LKNB…EWHAR…(o.O)?...

-2 B Continue- (hopefully) 

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