close the doors...

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1day, the parents of Katie went out shopping for the day and they told Katie"No parties,don't answer the door and lock the doors." Usually Katie listens but, this time she didn't... She invited her friends round to her house because she was watching movies. Half an hour later, there was a knock at the door and then she remembered that she wasn't allowed to open the door. All she thought was "its just my friends, what's the worst that could happen?" So she unlocked the door and walked straight into the kitchen and shouted "movies ready to play" but there was no answer accept a man known to be a mass murderer in an orange prison suit, he  slowly walked upstairs looking around. Katie went and locked the door and started watching the movie. She fell to sleep watching and her dream was about her dad kicking down the door and attempting to kill her and she woke up in a shock. She fell to sleep again and her dream was about an escaped killer in a orange suit who walked into a girls house. Again she woke up in shock, walked upstairs and used the toilet. After she was finished she heard a bang as if somebody dropped a bunch of pots and pans. She dialled her dad but, no answer, she dialled her mum, still no answer... She ran downstairs to find her dads dead body on the kitchen table. Slowly walked backwards into the living room to find her mums dead body staring straight into her eyes but what she didn't notice is a note saying "we did say don'" The murderer creeped behind her and fearlessly slit her throat and disappered. If you don't lock the door and don't answer them when your told then the mass murderer will slit your throat. resend this or you've got an uninvited guest in you bedroom tonight.

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