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Those weren't the only thoughts in my head. I had a lot of questions in mind. What happened to me? It was almost as if I wasn't myself anymore. It was as if I had become another person.


The doorbell suddenly rang. Who could it possibly be? Mom just called me a couple of minutes ago and told me she wouldn't be back until tomorrow. Mallory would be at her home sleeping. She was a late sleeper. Oh, dear…


I was supposed to be at Mallory’s house last night. I was supposed to go there. She would have been waiting for me. I groaned, feeling like an awful friend. I couldn't just tell her that I didn't show up at her house because I’d almost been raped. That would not go well. I would call her as soon as I took care of whoever it was that decided to drop by at the Bentley household, I decided approaching the front door. Who could it be?

Nobody would ever visit me at my house except for Mallory.

Nevertheless, I hurried down the stairs and towards the front door. Sure, even though my mom and I were the only two people that lived here, the house was still way too big for us. It was big and elegant, which was perfect for the reputation my mom held, not so much for me. Mom’s family was rich. Everything in this house was classy, which is why the front doors were made of an expensive see-through glass. This way, I already knew who was at the door before I even made it to the peephole and got off the stairs.

Angrily, and senselessly apparently, I marched up to the door and flung it open. “What do you want?”

Ian stood in front of me fully-dressed, thankfully. He had a very serious expression on his face. To keep him from getting inside my house, I stepped out of my house and closed the door behind me, leaning on the pillar.

“Well?” I prompted, when he didn't say anything. I looked at him, examining his features when I caught a very familiar expression that he had on his face last night. My eyes widened as I realized that he was checking me out in my dress. I started hitting him and to defend himself, he put a backpack in between us. I recognized it and grabbed it from him, embracing the article.

“You, uh, kind of forgot this at the cabin this morning when you angrily marched out.” He said, momentarily his expression turned sheepish.

I rolled my eyes. “Gee, I wonder why I would do such a thing.”

I didn't wait for him to say anything else before I turned around and started to go inside my house again. I was planning on slamming the door on Ian’s face.