I Wish It Ended

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The news on my uncle is comforting, Uncles injury wasn't that serious and his kids are alright
It was another cold day, and little snowflakes fell on the street.
Mom placed all of our grocery  on the counter to be checked out
While I  searched for Marvin, I grab some hijab pins
A lady who watched for a second, asked
What was I going to do with it
"I pin it on my hijab" I showed her
She nodded like she wasn't accurate of my words
"Ohkkay, be sure to pin it on that head wrap thing, and not on others people's eye"
I ignored her and head to find Marvin
"Marvin" I called from the distant
A group of kids surrounded him,
"What you guys doing" I confront them
I saw those kids before, they were Marvin's classmate
"Ohh, you have a "SISTER", we should run before she gets up" One of the white kid mocked him
"Ayy, kids, don't talk to my  brother like that, and yeah he has a SISTER who gonna beat yo ass if you mess with him"
"Don't say anything, GO, I'm COMING" Marvin pushed me away
They kids puffed and walked away calling him "LOSER, GETS SAVE BY A GI-RR-LL--- see you later"
I pushed Marvin hands away,  and pull those boys
"Listen you ain't seeing him later, YOU SEE me here and end it here"
Marvin pulled me from them and kept telling to shut up
Just then their parents arrive, and start talking balderdash
"Stop coming to my business, I HATE YOU" Marvin walks away crying
I follow him while the stupid parents went on cussing at me
"What took you guys so long" mom asked as we got in the car, Marvin didn't reply back, he didn't even mind helping me  nor mom with the grocery
At school, I overheard Rotunda, in the bathroom fussing that why she didn't get picked for the cheerleading  team
"Didn't you say, Kevin  was going to slide you in"
"Yeahhhh, I don't know what happened, what he think of himself, That Jerk asshole" SHe cuss him out
After They left out, I got out the restroom
I spotted Kamil on the hallway, who I fought with last night
He said I changed, I act different when I'm with him, I'm not the same RuMaNa anymore
He ignored me and enter his class
During lunch period, I just had to line up behind Kamil and front of Kevin
I hate it so much when those moments happen, it leave me heart-struck
"HEyy RuMaNa " Kevin  tap my shoulder
I grinned back, and purposely hit Kamil, he turns around with a anger tone
"I'm sorry, I just have lot of things going through my mind lately, Are you still mad" I grab his arm with a smile
"Then tell me, share it with, I will listen--- alright"
I nodded with a relief ,
"Seat with me" Kamil leaves out with his tray
I turn to face Kevin , he gave me a force smile
"Ohhh, did you fail Rotunda on purpose, if it is then Thank  You"
"She deserves more than that, she insulted you"
I picked up a water cup and hand himself  to a juice cup
"Even though I like it-- i don't want it, --- if she made it, give her spot back, just cause she mean to me don't mean I gotta be mean to her back , someone gotta do the right thing here"
Marvin was still mad at me, so I stepped up to break the awkwardness
I enter his room nervously, he was playing video game
"Marvin, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to butt into your business--btw you don't have No business though "
He gave me eye, I knew I should probably stop
"Okay; I'm sorry, but I was just trying to help, is that why you hate going to school,--- I won't say anything, but if you need me, I will always be there,--"
He lit out a laugh, "Your weaker than me , how you goiingg to help me"
"Pssst, noo I beat you up last time remember ." I fussed
"Nnaah Nooo, I was just going easy on you, I know karate " He argued nonstop
We argued who was stronger  almost 30 minutes
But I was relief, we was back to normal
Rotunda called me on the hallway,
What she have to say now,
I was cussing her out inside me and regretting why I didn't stand up for myself at that  time
"Your Kevin's girlfriend,--- I don't care, well- I'm sorry for last time-- I don't get it, you really have something to get boys attention, well, anyhow I got in to cheerleading tnx to you and not thanks to you, btw can you show me some tricks on how to get a guy"
I didn't say a word, all I did was listen to them
She's is really mean and I hate her
I can't believe I though she has some kindness in her
"Well, sorry, I don't use no tricks, I'm Naturally" i walk away not wanting to her anymore of her bullshit

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