Doll House {BoyxBoy}

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Doll House


 It’s the year 2014, war swept over the great nations, causing people to take last resorts. Countries started turning people into creatures they would use to fight, but often failed. But one man succeeded, he created an invincible person. They were god like people. They were invincible, Loyal, Obedient, and often had powers too. Usually though, they lived a short life span and their loyalty go the best of them.  The man spent his whole life trying to perfect them, until one day he finally did it. He turned a human boy into one of these people, but added chemical X to him. The boy became more powerful than the man could ever dream. He was immortal, and beautiful. His breed was called The Dolls, because they looked so god like, and they could be treated like puppets. But along with his immortality came a piece of mind, and the will to rebel.  When he tried to escape from the scientist. HE was locked up and deemed failure, along with 5 other Dolls. They were doomed for eternity, and even though they may be immortal, that doesn’t mean they can’t be killed. And thus the scientist gave up and decided to destroy his creations.

 Now the year 2020, America was destroyed, Japan has sunken into the Ocean, China was nuked, and the only place left for humans to live was Europe, or now known as Dessidia. Russia has over taken all of the countries, and rules the nation. All Dolls have been destroyed, and now people try to live in peace. But rebellion is on the verge; sometimes you can smell it in the foggy air. This is the story of the last 6 Dolls left in the world.

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