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Hey, so, fun fact: I've done some editing to the past chapters, made a few changes, mostly to the last one.  It doesn't end with South asking Maine on a date anymore, for reasons.  Anyway.  Hope you enjoy this chapter!!^^



Post #312 - No One Stole Your Cabbages, Frank

When I was 15, I went on a road trip with my dad and younger brother, to visit an aunt a couple states over.  She lived in this really small, one-stoplight kind of town, where everyone knew everyone, and there was this cute little bakery we went to every morning the week we were there, and it was so nice.  I grew up in a busy city, where people rotated in and out, and you hardly saw the same face twice.  So going to a town like that was so surreal.

It made me really just want to find a nice little house in a nice little town, and settle down with my dog, and get a chocolate chip muffin from the same bakery to start every day.  I felt like that was the only way I would get that familiarity and routine.

Except, I kind of realized, I have that already.  It's with my best friend on late nights, binging terrible movies and burnt cookies. And the subway station on Thursday mornings where that one guy is always shouting about his cabbages.  You just don't get that kind of charm in rural towns.


The next encounter with South came late Sunday night.  I was sprawled across the middle of my floor, Orion's head on my stomach keeping me from moving, while Leo painted my nails a deep red.  Some terrible vampire movie from the eighties was on, but we'd stopped really watching it after Vampire Pun #3.

Leo paused to wipe a rogue spot of nail polish from his hand.  "I'm not so sure there's even a plot to this."

I shrugged as best I could in my position.  I'd grown up knowing enough about film to say, "There's probably a reason for it."  Although, I couldn't pinpoint what that reason could be.  "The direction's good at least."  I looked away from the screen and back to Leo.  "I'm doing your nails next."

It was, really, a normal Sunday night.  Having a set routine - especially one that revolved around another person - wasn't something I'd ever planned for when I left home.  It was supposed to just be a constant move from place to place, only staying for a few months at a time.  Still, it was hard to feel regret when Leo's head fell back with a groan at some cheesy line, causing Orion to perk up and stare at him.  For the moment, I couldn't find it in myself to dwell on what should have been, because what I had left me feeling light.

A knock at the door sounded, and the feeling fell away entirely.  Leo quirked an eyebrow at me, and I tried to push the insistent list of Things That Could Go Wrong to the back of my mind.  As much as I knew my current situation was unacceptable - that the fear for losing what I had shouldn't have overcome the fear of being found out - I couldn't help but try to forget caution.  Just for a moment.  Just for a moment, I wanted a normal list of people who could be at my door to run through my head, one that normal people with normal lives would have, rather than what I got.  I wanted to pretend that I shouldn't have been some nowhere town in Iowa or Vermont.

And so I let myself.  A stupid decision, I realize, but the vampires were fighting and Leo was absentmindedly sorting through nail polish bottles, and I wanted just a second of ordinary recklessness.  I asked Leo to get the door, claiming I didn't want to get up, and Orion was on my lap anyway, and how could I disturb him?  Leo feigned annoyance, but got up all the same.

I turned my head to see when he opened the door, and the second it opened, I wished I had been the one to answer it instead.  South stood in the hall, dressed in a tux, the bow tie undone and hanging around his neck, and the jacket draped over his arm.  He held two canvas grocery bags and had a cheerful smile on his face, and God, he couldn't have possibly looked any better.

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