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After that, you didn't see Jalene again. Jasmine told you it was this plan to get you and Daveed together, to see if you would get jealous. You did for a brief second, but not enough to really affect you.

Unfortunately, Jasmine's plan failed and you were in the same position you were with Daveed you had been before. Flirting shamelessly, and too nervous to speak to each other. Daveed told you he was so surprised when Jalene introduced herself like that, it just happened so fast he couldn't say anything and just go with it.

You had chuckled and felt a weight lift off your chest.

"I got the greatest idea!" Lin yelled calling everyone around him.

"So, I went over with the idea with Tommy, Andy, and (Y/N)! We are putting everyone's character's names in the lottery bucket, yes the lottery bucket, and the character you pull is who you'll be for the show!" Lin exclaimed and everyone started laughing.

"You knew about this?" Anthony looked at you.

"I didn't think we'd go through with it, but sounds fun, right?" You smiled.

"I want to be an ensemble member!" Leslie raised his hand.

"That makes us a person short." Lin said and then a smirk grew on his face as he said something to Andy in his ear. Andy nodded and told Leslie it was okay.

"(Y/N)'ll do it!" Lin said once more and everyone clapped.

"Oh my god." You groaned and it was already too late, they decided on you and Lin tweeted out the special performance day.

The fans were freaking out saying how cool that would be and Lin put the date and tickets were sold out in 2 hours.

"Alright, I'll go first!" Lin yelled as Andy mixed it around, "I got ... Phillip Hamilton/John Laurens!"

Everyone whooped and Anthony sent him a thumbs up and wink.

"My turn!" Anthony yelled and reached into the bucket, "I got ... Aaron Burr!"

"I'll go!" You walked to the bucket, "I got ... Of course I got, Alexander Hamilton!" You heard claps and Lin pulled you in for a hug.

"I got ... Eliza Schuyler!" Jonathan held up the paper and smirked at you.

"WOOH! I get to marry Groff." You walked to him and kissed his cheek.

"I got ... Angelica Schuyler!" Oak yelled and put his arm around you.

"Let's see, um ... Hercules Mulligan/James Madison!" Pippa smiled and you giggled at thinking of her do his part in 'Aaron Burr Sir'.

"Awesome! I got George Washington!" Renee did finger guns at Chris.

"I got, seriously!? I got ... King George III. I think I'm destined to always be a George." Chris sighed but smiled nevertheless.

"I got Peggy Schuyler/Maria Reynolds!" Daveed winked at you and your blush was as red as the Maria dress.

"That leaves me with Thomas Jefferson/Lafayette." Jasmine smiled and stood with her girls.

"Great! So on Friday, we get to the actual performance and we kill it as our new parts! Let me go order some extra dresses for the guys." Lin smiled and you giggled to yourself as Leslie was talking about being the bullet.

"So, Daveed's Maria, huh?" Jasmine had a smirk on her face as she made her way towards you.

"Uh yeah, sounds fun!" You giggled picturing him in the dress. The blush started growing on your face as you realized you had to like actually kiss him. He was going to do everything you did to him when you had shown Jasmine how to do it.

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