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574th sol- 6:30

As Rachel woke up that sol, she knew something was about to happen. She looked around her standard issue military room on Ceres. There was a bathroom with a closet and mirror. There was also a shower, sink, and toilet. In the main room, she had a bed and a night stand. There was also a dresser, desk, and a chair. On her night stand there was a clock and her arm-band. She could see the band blinking indicating that she had her set of orders for the day.

Rachel sat up and her bed and looked at her new set of orders. She was to report to the mess hall at 7:00. Her clock said 6:32 and she decided to take a shower and get ready. As she stepped into the shower, she turned the heat up until her skin started to tingle and let the water run down her back. She stood like this for about 5 minutes before she got out and got dressed. She then brushed her teeth and stepped out of the bathroom. Her clock read 6:39 and she decided that she'd study for the astrophysics test coming up.

574th sol-6:55

As Rachel entered the mess hall, her friend John waved her over to sit down. She grabbed her food from the line and went to sit down.

"What's up?!" Asked John.

"Nothing, just your average 16 year old girl working for the military a billion miles away from Earth!" Rachel responded. "You?" She asked.

"Not much, ready for our squad placements this afternoon?"

"Oh!! I completely forgot about that!!" Rachel said. "What do we have to do this time?"

"Don't worry" John replied, "It's space combat today, you're the best fighter here!!!"

"Oh thank god!!! That should be easy!"

"Yeah, for you!! But wha-"

"May I have your attention please!! Today are squad placements! The assessment is space combat!!" Said the Colonel.
A loud noise consisting mostly of "yeah!!"s and "woohoo!!!!"s rose from the mess hall. "SETTLE DOWN!!!" Yelled the Colonel. "I want Dragon and Lion squad at the battle grounds at 8 in FULL COMBAT GEAR!!! Dismissed."

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